Oi 2011 !!

by Sami ~ February 23rd, 2011

Even though we’ve been taking it easy on Michael Monroe band front since the end of last year it’s been very exciting in many ways in anticipation of the new MM album.
Holidays were holidays, took it easy w the fam here in NYC ,had huge dinner parties and ended the year w a mother of all house parties,had 50 plus people show up in our apartment in Brooklyn to bring in the 2011, lots of friends, friends of friends and peeps I never knew who the F they were.Did the old molten tin into a bucket of water magick reading for the upcoming year and suffered a horrid 2 day hangover following the revelries.
In the beginning of Jan. MM band flew to Finland for a one off show to celebrate the opening of Turku as the cultural capital of Europe 2011,after which rest of the boys flew back to their various homes.I stayed behind in Finland and did a one week whirlwind Mad Juana tour which was a total and utter blast, had fun, played, danced, made people dance and get drunk,the tour was over too fast, hoping to get back as soon as possibly possible!
In Feb. I returned to Finland once more to do a one week tour w my first band Pelle Miljoona Oy for 6 sold out shows,first shows in 31 years, this was a group I was in prior to Hanoi Rocks,the starting point of my long career and travels around the globe, the shows were incredibly well received and had a beautiful positive vibe,looking forward to doing some gigs again in the future with the geezas.
Now I’m back home in NYC again, chillin,readin books, watchin movies, cooking and getting my head and strength together for another year of touring and lunacy w Michael,Ginger,Karl and Stevie.Can not wait for the release of the new album “Sensory Overdrive” which I consider absolutely one of the best albums I have ever played on.
Looking forward to seeing you all in 2011 wherever you are,Europe,US,Asia,South-America,Australia,New Zealand,………. we are coming your way.
Enjoy the album and see you soon live!!

Sami Yaffa


by Rich ~ February 21st, 2011


Long time, no blog…no excuses.

I hope the year has started out good for all of you.

I’m feeling really excited about our new album “Sensory Overdrive” being released next month. I gotta say that this band truly ROCKS and you can definitely hear it on the record!
The first single ” ’78” is getting a great response from radio stations and the listening audience. I can hardly wait for you – and the rest of the world – to hear the whole album!

As I’ve mentioned before, Sensory Overdrive was produced by the legendary Jack Douglas at Swinghouse Studios in LA. But as you know, recording an album is only half of the “product” – the mixing process is the other half. The final mixing and mastering was done by the great Petri Majuri at Seawolf Studios in Helsinki this past December.

We’re all very much looking forward to playing the new songs live in just a few weeks.

So my friends, it won’t be long now – “Sensory Overdrive” is coming your way and so are we, loud and clear! See you at the shows!

Love & RAWK!!!



by Rich ~ February 7th, 2011

We are looking for new leaders for Michael Monroe Street Teams around the world. Street teaming is voluntary but extremely important work consisting mainly of promotional activities and sharing the fan experience with others. Do you want to be among the first to receive news from Michael Monroe, get major discounts on merchandise and receive free promotional materials? Would you like to have a chance to participate and organize events and campaigns with your street team? Well then, read on…

Requirements for a Leader:
We’re looking for a person with street team leader skills and a history as a Michael Monroe fan that has been following Michael’s career, has listened to his records and seen some of his shows. You should be over 18 years old, willing and capable of organizing promotional events and familiar with your country’s music scene. As a team leader you will also need to know about online promotion and marketing and you must be able to act as a moderator for the street team forum & fan sites.

We are looking for Street Team Leaders primarily in following countries and states:


Austria Latvia
Belarus Lithuania
Chile Norway
Croatia Poland
Estonia Portugal
Germany Russia
Hungary Slovenia
Iceland Slovakia
Japan Switzerland
Ukraine USA (some states still lack a street team)

If you are interested in becoming a Street Team Leader or Member or to receive more information, please contact us at:



by Rich ~ January 20th, 2011

Here it is! Brand new Michael Monroe single ’78! Click the link below, go to Facebook, enjoy and feel free to leave your comments.

LogoMotion Turku 2011 Party

by Rich ~ January 10th, 2011

Special show on Saturday!! Showtime 10.45 pm!

LogoMotion Turku 2011 website

LogoMotion Turku 2011 in Facebook

Happy New Year!

by Rich ~ December 31st, 2010

Merry X-mas everybody!

by Michael ~ December 26th, 2010

Thank you all for the past year.  Things have been building up quite nicely for us.
Looking forward to sharing some great times with all of you throughout the New Year 2011.
Have a very Happy and Peaceful X-mas!!!

*Michael Monroe*

Thank You Motörhead! Thank You England!

by Michael ~ December 16th, 2010


This blog is about 2 weeks late because very shortly after my return from the UK I got extremely busy working on some important “finishing touches” on our new album in Helsinki at Seawolf Studios with the brilliant Petri Majuri making sure our new record will sound as great as it should…and now it does.
I’ve also been struggling with this horrible flu which I caught on the last date of the Motörhead UK tour.

Well, the tour was a blast while it lasted.  Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Lemmy, Phil & Mikkey, plus the entire Motörhead staff, road crew, catering people…basically everyone in the Motörhead camp for treating us so nice and making it such a pleasant experience.  And many thanks to their fans too for being so openminded and receptive to us – that was a nice surprise.
Nearly all the shows were great and getting to see Motörhead live at close range almost every night was quite a treat.

Only the last date in Brighton turned out a bit rough for me since I caught this diabolical flu that screwed up my throat in a bad way before the show.
I felt it a bit in the morning that day, but in the afternoon it rapidly got increasingly worse.  At the soundcheck I still managed to sing ok, but by showtime I noticed I had no singing voice left.
Especially in the first song “Trick Of The Wrist” (from the forthcoming album) the range is pretty high, so I was just standing there hearing myself sound like crap.  I just kept thinking: “most of these people have never seen or heard me before, and now they must think I always sound like this…what a bummer!”  Typically this was the night that Kerrang was there to review the show – not the night before in London which was perfect.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all…

One cool thing about the Brighton show was that Charlie Harper & Alvin Gibbs (UK Subs) showed up and none other than Captain Sensible (The Damned) too!  Captain really liked our versions of the Damned songs (Love Song & Machine Gun Etiquette) and it was so cool to see him.  Apparently Brian James (Ist Damned album, Lords Of The New Church) was there too, but only Sami saw him and talked to him.  Would’ve been great to see him too.

I hope none of you catch this flu ‘cos it’s a bitch – especially if you’re a singer.
But hey,  X-mas is on its way – right around the corner!

Let’s be nice!

Love, Joy & Peace,


by Rich ~ December 2nd, 2010

MICHAEL MONROE, iconic rock‘n’roll frontman and founding member of hugely influential Finnish outfit Hanoi Rocks, has confirmed a 13-date headline UK tour for April 2011; these shows will be in support of a brand new single & studio album, Monroe’s first for the Spinefarm Records UK label.

Having recently guested with Motörhead on their 35th Anniversary UK tour, Monroe and his regular touring/recording line-up (Wildhearts mainman Ginger on guitar, ex-Hanoi member Sami Yaffa on bass, Steve Conte of New York Dolls/Company Of Wolves fame on guitar, and Karl ‘Rockfist’ Rosqvist on drums – a Swedish/Finnish drummer who has played with both Chelsea Smiles & Danzig) are now ready to take on a run of dates that will see them headlining venues from Portsmouth up to Glasgow.

The full list of shows is as follows:-

APRIL 2011

4th – Brighton, Concorde 2
5th – Bristol, Academy 2
6th – Exeter, Phoenix
7th – Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
8th – London, O2 Academy
9th – Leeds, T.J.’s
11th – Norwich, Waterfront
12th – Sheffield, Corporation
13th – Newcastle, Academy 2
14th – Manchester, Academy 3
15th – Glasgow, Garage
16th – Nottingham, Rock City
17th – Birmingham, HMV Institute

A support act will be announced in due course.

PRIOR TO the tour, Monroe will be releasing a brand new studio album; as yet untitled, the record has been produced in Los Angeles by the legendary Jack Douglas (whose credits include everyone from Aerosmith through to John Lennon) and features such special guests as country star Lucinda Williams and Motörhead frontman Lemmy, who duets with Monroe; during the Motörhead tour, Monroe repaid the favour by joining Lemmy & Co. onstage to help out nightly on ‘Born To Raise Hell’.

“It was one of the greatest thrills for me,” says Monroe. “What an honour and a privilege!”

The album will be available on a number of different formats, including deluxe digi-pack with bonus DVD and limited edition coloured vinyl.

The first single/video from the album has been decided, however; it’s called ‘’78’ (a homage to a year of great music and significant cultural happenings) and it will be available on February 21st 2011 on both digital download & coloured vinyl 7” complete with exclusive extra track.


by Michael ~ November 24th, 2010


Having a fantastic time here on the Motörhead 35th Anniversary UK Tour!  This might be the best tour I’ve ever been on – I’m totally loving it.  Motörhead and their crew are treating us super nice and everyone is very kind and helpful.  Plus they have the best catering in the world!  Normally one would lose a couple of kilos on tour, but on this tour it’s easy to put on a few since the food is so good.  The opening band, Skew Siskin & their crew are very nice and helpful too. All in all there’s a great positive & peaceful vibe around here.  Everyone, (including our own newly formed & brilliant crew) is very professional and together – we’re all just having a blast! I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Motörhead, their crew and everybody involved.  It’s been an absolute pleasure.  I can’t believe we’ve only got 4 shows left to do.  This tour will be over too soon and it’s been so much fun!

Some audiences are more responsive than others for us, but mostly I’ve been positively surprised how well we’ve been received.  After all, especially in the UK, the Motörhead crowd can be very tough to win over or even to get a reaction from.  However, by the end of our show they seem to think we’re quite alright.  At first they’re a little wary, I guess…untl they realize – oh, he’s a nutcase, THAT’S why he’s on this tour…AND this band does some serious rockin’ every night…

One of the greatest thrills for me is having been invited on stage with Motörhead to sing “Born To Raise Hell”! I’ve done it on 4 occasions already. What an honour and privilege!  It doesn’t get much cooler than that. I actually did sing backing vocals on the recording of the song with Sebastian Bach back in the day in New York.

Ginger has soldiered on bravely with his broken foot…and I haven’t managed to hurt myself too badly (knock on wood). However, while on the subject…I guess I can reveal now that at the end of the last show of our Scandinavian Tour in Tampere, Finland (2 weeks before this Motörhead tour) when I fell off the lighting rig I slammed my back against the side of the stage and fractured 2 ribs (on my left side, for a change)  This happened just as I had pretty much recovered from breaking the other 2 ribs in Japan in August!  Actually, this time they were just fractured, and not as badly broken as they were in Japan.  So I’ve been coping with it the best I can.  I rested a week, but then started doing as much exercising as the pain would allow me to.  Now it’s been about 3 weeks since the injury, so I’m on the safe side already…

The reason I didn’t say anything publicly about breaking my ribs again was that I thought it was becoming a bit of a joke with this band. First I break 2 ribs, then Ginger breaks his foot, then I break 2 more ribs – I mean it does get a bit ridiculous. I can just hear people going, “oh, them old guys are just literally falling apart, etc…”   The truth really is that our live show is so intense and we give it everything we’ve got so it’s not surprising that some injuries happen.  Also, my falling off the lighting rig (first time ever, by the way…) just goes to show that even I ever really don’t know if I’m gonna fall or not – which adds to the excitement, right?

Other than that, all I can say that Lemmy is King and Long Live Motörhead!

Love & Respect,