by Rich ~ January 27th, 2012

Hello and Happy New Year! Hope it has started out great for you all.
I must say that the past year 2011 has certainly been quite spectacular and very rewarding. I want to thank you all for it.

We started out the year 2011 by finishing the “Sensory Overdrive”-album on New Years Day. It was released it in Europe on March 16th.
In Finland the album entered the charts at #1 which has never happened before with any of my previous albums, including Hanoi Rocks in the 80’s. It ended up selling gold in Finland by the end of the year. A Big Thank You to all the fans in Finland who made that happen!
The album also entered the UK Rock charts at #13. It came out in the US at the end of August. I consider that record one of the best, if not THE best one of my entire career.
Many seem to agree about the quality of this record since it has been amazingly well received and rewarded in various unexpected and glorious ways.

We were all positively surprised by the many fantastic reviews in the press, but we certainly didn’t expect things like the song ’78 being chosen “The Rock Song of the Year” by iTunes USA, or “Trick Of The Wrist” being voted “The Coolest Song In The World in 2011” by Little Steven’s Underground Garage Listener’s poll. Being nominated in the Classic Rock Magazine as one of the best bands of the year was an honor, but actually winning The Classic Rock “Album Of The Year”- award was totally awesome! And even better, the award was handed to us personally by none other than Duff McKagan, who went out of his way to be there to present it to us. He is definitely one of the sweetest and coolest guys in Rock’n’Roll. Thanks again, Duff! We love you, dude!

We’ve toured in support of the “Sensory Overdrive”-album in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Spain, Japan, US and Canada.

It was great being able to do something for the Japanese tsunami victims so soon following the tragedy, as we were lucky enough to get together a great cast of artists at a very short notice for the benefit concert “Save The Red Globe” at the Tavastia Club in Helsinki.

At the end of June Ginger (Wildheart) had decided to quit touring with this band and moved on to his own solo thing. However, luckily he was replaced by Dregen (Backyard Babies, Hellacopters) on guitar who brought great new positive energy to the band.
One way or another Ginger will always be a part of this band and we’re still gonna be writing songs with him in the future as we definitely have a chemistry that works.

The US release of “Sensory Overdrive” at the end of the summer was followed by a 3 week club tour in the States and Canada.
The response from people at those shows was so enthusiastic and exciting that I feel like this band just HAS to get an opportunity to play in front of bigger audiences, especially in America and Mainland Europe. To get a perfect opening slot for somebody cool and famous to tour the world with is what I asked from Sanity Clause…er, I meant Santa.

One remarkable milestone in my life and career was finshing and releasing my autobiography in Finland, which has turned out to be a surprisingly big success here, having sold almost 20 000 copies already. That’s a lot in the Finnish book market. Now I’m just anxious to get it released in English in the rest of the world, which unfortunately is bound to take quite a bit of time.

I also decided to partake in the first season of the “Voice Of Finland”- TV show. So far it’s been a fun, interesting experience and I’m glad I chose to go along.

Personally I had quite a few other cool honourable acknowledgements, like my own Star in the Turku Walk Of Fame and being voted “Finland’s Nicest Celebrity” in one of the biggest local Newspapers. And what really topped the end of the year was being invited to the annual Independence Day Gala at the President’s Castle by the Finnish President Tarja Halonen. That was awesome!
Once again – Thank You Ms. President, it was a huge honour and privilege. The party was really cool and a great success.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the day before New Years Eve, on stage at our show in Helsinki we were presented Gold Record Awards by our label Universal Records for the “Sensory Overdrive” sales in Finland.

It would be hard to top a year like 2011. However, this year has started out pretty good already, as last week at the Finnish Grammies, The “Emma Gaala” our album “Sensory Overdrive” won the “Rock Album of the Year 2011”-award and we also won the “Band Of The Year 2011”-award. And just today I was awarded the title of “Vuoden Turkulainen” – “The Person of the Year in the city of Turku”.
A million thanks to everyone who voted for me!


Life is good in 2012 and we always have the power to make it better.
2011 was probably the best year of my life and that’s a good place to start!

Love, Light, Respect & Rock’n’Roll,


At the Finnish President’s Castle on Finland’s
Independence Day, December 6th, 2011.

Michael @ Bamboozle Festival on May 19th, 2012

by Rich ~ January 18th, 2012


by Rich ~ January 10th, 2012

Michael Monroe will play select dates in Finland in March 2012. The band can be seen live on 02.03. at Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki, 03.03. at Pakkahuone, Tampere, 09.03. at Klubi, Turku and on 10.03. at Tavastia, Helsinki.

During the succesful year 2011 a lot has happened. Michael Monroe and the band toured all over the world, the album “Sensory Overdrive” received the “Album Of The Year” award in The Classic Rock Awards, the album topped the charts and was certified gold in Finland. The album’s first single “’78” was chosen as iTunes USA´s “Rock Song of the Year” and “Trick of the Wrist” as “The Coolest Song in the World 2011” in Little Steven´s Underground Garage radio show. The band has also received a total of four Emma-nominations (Finnish Grammies). Needless to say, the band has been busy!

As if this wasn´t enough, Michael Monroe published an autobiography and during the spring 2012, can be seen as one of the star coaches in the “The Voice of Finland”-talent show, which airs on Finnish television.

Ticket pre-sales start on Wednesday, January 11th at 9am (GMT+2).

R18. Tiketti and Lippupalvelu starting from 25€ + possible handling fees.

R15/R18. Tiketti and Lippupalvelu starting from 25€ + possible handling fees, at the door 28€.

R18. Tiketti starting from 23€ + possible handling fees, at the door 25€.

R18. Tiketti starting from 25€ + possible handling fees, at the door 28€.

Michael Monroe keikkailee Suomessa maaliskuussa

by Rich ~ January 10th, 2012

Huikeassa nosteessa oleva Michael Monroe keikkailee Suomessa maaliskuussa. Bändi nähdään 2.3. Seinäjoen Rytmikorjaamolla, 3.3. Tampereen Pakkahuoneella, 9.3. Turun Klubilla ja 10.3. Helsingin Tavastialla.

Michael Monroen vuoteen 2011 on kuulunut mittavia kiertueita ympäri maailman, elämänkertakirja, kultalevy, Suomen albumilistan ykkössija, yhteensä neljä Emma-ehdokkuutta ja “Sensory Overdrive” -albumin saama brittiläisen Classic Rock -lehden palkinto vuoden parhaasta albumista. Albumin ensimmäinen single “´78” valittiin lisäksi USA:n iTunesin vuoden rockbiisiksi ja “Trick of the Wrist” Little Stevenin Underground Garage radio-ohjelman “The Coolest Songs In The World 2011” -kuulijaäänestyksen voittajaksi.

Keväällä 2012 Michael Monroen pitää kiireisenä Nelosen The Voice of Finland -ohjelma, jossa hänet nähdään yhtenä tähtivalmentajista.

Ennakkoliput myynnissä Ke 11.1. klo 09.00 alkaen.

K-18. Ennakkoliput Tiketti ja Lippupalvelu alk. 25e + mahd. toimituskulut. Selmun jäsenhinta 23€.

K-15/K-18. Ennakkoliput Tiketti ja Lippupalvelu alk. 25€ + mahd. toimituskulut, ovelta 28€.

K-18. Ennakkoliput Tiketti alk. 23€ + mahd. toimituskulut, ovelta 25€.

K-18. Ennakkoliput Tiketti alk. 25€ + mahd. toimituskulut, ovelta 28€.


by Rich ~ January 7th, 2012

Listeners of Little Steven’s Underground Garage have voted Trick Of The Wrist as the Number 1 Coolest Song In The World for 2011! Thanks to everyone who voted and huge thanks to Little Steven! You can see the Top Ten here… and you can watch the video for Trick Of The Wrist below.

Happy New Year!

by Rich ~ January 1st, 2012


by Rich ~ December 28th, 2011

Celebrating a succesful year, Michael Monroe performs at Nosturi, Helsinki on both December 30th and 31st. Unfortunately one of the supporting bands, Imperial State Electric, has been forced to cancel their shows due to illness.

Replacing Imperial State Electric on both nights is Swedish powertrio Märvel, one of Dregen´s favourite bands. Märvel´s sound has been compared to various artists from early Kiss to The Hellacopters and Turbonegro.

In addition, during the 2-day “End of the World Party”, special guest DJ´s include for example Rich Jones (Ginger’s solo band) and Amelia Arsenic. Opening act on both nights is Helsinki-based Philadelphia Dynamite.

The tickets in are available at Tiketti ( starting from 27€ per evening + possible handling fees.
No age limit, restricted bar area.

MÄRVEL (22:00)

MÄRVEL (22:30)

Michael Monroe Emma-ehdokkaana

by Rich ~ December 2nd, 2011

Michael Monroen ”Sensory Overdrive” –albumin siivittämä menestys jatkuu! Michael Monroe on ehdolla kolmessa kategoriassa tammikuun 20. päivä juhlittavassa Emmagaalassa: Vuoden albumi, Vuoden rock-albumi ja Vuoden yhtye. Bändi oli ehdokkaana myös Vuoden live-esiintyjä –kategoriassa, jonka voittaja julkistettiin tänään.

”Sensory Overdrivesta” julkaistiin eilen erikoisversio, jolta löytyy neljä lisäbiisiä: ”Another Night In The Sun” ja ”You’re Next” sekä Euroopassa aiemmin julkaisemattomat ”Right To Be Wrong” ja ”Sleepin’ With My TV On”.

Parhaillaan Michael Monroe on Ison-Britannian kiertueella. Vuoden vaihtumista bändi juhlii Suomessa kahdella keikalla: 30. ja 31.12. Michael Monroe nähdään
Nosturissa yhdessä Imperial State Electricin kanssa.

The End Of The World Party!

by Rich ~ November 30th, 2011

Use you voice and win!

Michael Monroe wins at Classic Rock Awards!

by Rich ~ November 10th, 2011

Michael Monroe’s album “Sensory Overdrive” won The Best Album of The Year award at the Classic Rock Awards. Other nominees included Foo Fighters, Motörhead and Whitesnake to name few.

The 7th Classic Rock Awards ceremony was hosted by the legendary Gene Simmons at Roundhouse in London. There were Deep Purple, Scorpions, Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, Steel Panther, Jeff Beck, Queen’s Brian May, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Chrissie Hynde and other big stars of the rock world. The award was handed by Duff McKagan who praised the band, saying that Monroe deserves all the world’s attention.

Michael Monroe was happy to be able to attend the ceremony and accept the award himself. After a busy year touring around the world, performing in numerous festivals and television programs, arranging a charity concert for the victims of the catastrophe in Japan and working on his own biography released in October, there is still more to come: a mini tour in the UK is kicking off on the 24th of November from Wolverhampton and the new video of Trick of The Wrist!

Check out the new video:

Michael Monroe will be celebrating the eventful year together with Imperial State Electric on the 30th and again on the 31st of December 2011 in the
END OF THE WORLD PARTY held in Nosturi, Helsinki. Advance tickets on sale at on November 11th 09:00AM Finnish time.