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Hello and Happy New Year! Hope it has started out great for you all.
I must say that the past year 2011 has certainly been quite spectacular and very rewarding. I want to thank you all for it.

We started out the year 2011 by finishing the “Sensory Overdrive”-album on New Years Day. It was released it in Europe on March 16th.
In Finland the album entered the charts at #1 which has never happened before with any of my previous albums, including Hanoi Rocks in the 80’s. It ended up selling gold in Finland by the end of the year. A Big Thank You to all the fans in Finland who made that happen!
The album also entered the UK Rock charts at #13. It came out in the US at the end of August. I consider that record one of the best, if not THE best one of my entire career.
Many seem to agree about the quality of this record since it has been amazingly well received and rewarded in various unexpected and glorious ways.

We were all positively surprised by the many fantastic reviews in the press, but we certainly didn’t expect things like the song ’78 being chosen “The Rock Song of the Year” by iTunes USA, or “Trick Of The Wrist” being voted “The Coolest Song In The World in 2011” by Little Steven’s Underground Garage Listener’s poll. Being nominated in the Classic Rock Magazine as one of the best bands of the year was an honor, but actually winning The Classic Rock “Album Of The Year”- award was totally awesome! And even better, the award was handed to us personally by none other than Duff McKagan, who went out of his way to be there to present it to us. He is definitely one of the sweetest and coolest guys in Rock’n’Roll. Thanks again, Duff! We love you, dude!

We’ve toured in support of the “Sensory Overdrive”-album in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Spain, Japan, US and Canada.

It was great being able to do something for the Japanese tsunami victims so soon following the tragedy, as we were lucky enough to get together a great cast of artists at a very short notice for the benefit concert “Save The Red Globe” at the Tavastia Club in Helsinki.

At the end of June Ginger (Wildheart) had decided to quit touring with this band and moved on to his own solo thing. However, luckily he was replaced by Dregen (Backyard Babies, Hellacopters) on guitar who brought great new positive energy to the band.
One way or another Ginger will always be a part of this band and we’re still gonna be writing songs with him in the future as we definitely have a chemistry that works.

The US release of “Sensory Overdrive” at the end of the summer was followed by a 3 week club tour in the States and Canada.
The response from people at those shows was so enthusiastic and exciting that I feel like this band just HAS to get an opportunity to play in front of bigger audiences, especially in America and Mainland Europe. To get a perfect opening slot for somebody cool and famous to tour the world with is what I asked from Sanity Clause…er, I meant Santa.

One remarkable milestone in my life and career was finshing and releasing my autobiography in Finland, which has turned out to be a surprisingly big success here, having sold almost 20 000 copies already. That’s a lot in the Finnish book market. Now I’m just anxious to get it released in English in the rest of the world, which unfortunately is bound to take quite a bit of time.

I also decided to partake in the first season of the “Voice Of Finland”- TV show. So far it’s been a fun, interesting experience and I’m glad I chose to go along.

Personally I had quite a few other cool honourable acknowledgements, like my own Star in the Turku Walk Of Fame and being voted “Finland’s Nicest Celebrity” in one of the biggest local Newspapers. And what really topped the end of the year was being invited to the annual Independence Day Gala at the President’s Castle by the Finnish President Tarja Halonen. That was awesome!
Once again – Thank You Ms. President, it was a huge honour and privilege. The party was really cool and a great success.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the day before New Years Eve, on stage at our show in Helsinki we were presented Gold Record Awards by our label Universal Records for the “Sensory Overdrive” sales in Finland.

It would be hard to top a year like 2011. However, this year has started out pretty good already, as last week at the Finnish Grammies, The “Emma Gaala” our album “Sensory Overdrive” won the “Rock Album of the Year 2011”-award and we also won the “Band Of The Year 2011”-award. And just today I was awarded the title of “Vuoden Turkulainen” – “The Person of the Year in the city of Turku”.
A million thanks to everyone who voted for me!


Life is good in 2012 and we always have the power to make it better.
2011 was probably the best year of my life and that’s a good place to start!

Love, Light, Respect & Rock’n’Roll,


At the Finnish President’s Castle on Finland’s
Independence Day, December 6th, 2011.

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  1. Karin

    I am so so so happy for all of you, finally things are truly going your way. You really deserve every tiny little bit of the attention and success you’ve gotten, I hope it continues like this because that’s the way things should be! You’re the best.

  2. Miika

    Thanks Michael and the band. I met you at levykauppa x, remember the guy with the markers. Saw your gig the day before new year and what can i say: we need people like you ! Specially in Finland

  3. J.H.

    Hassua, tuli tippa linssiin tätä lukiessa. Tsemppiä Mike jatkossakin, täällä fanitetaan.

  4. Mr. J. Paavola

    Hello Michael.

    Congratulation to a great year for the band, and yourself! It’s been great to follow.

    A little history:
    I cannot even begin to describe how much it meant for a Finnish lad growing up in a quite tough neighbourhood in Sweden in the 70’s and 80’s, when you guys came along showing everybody how rock n’ roll should be performed. I believe the majority of the large Finnish community in Sweden felt a great sense of pride having one of the best bands in the world, coming from your own little country. Your songs reflected on a lot of the emptiness, hopelessness and austereness a lot of us felt at the time. It felt like we got a voice in the world, someone from back home speaking’ up and telling everything’s not great! This was a blessing to us, it strengthened us, we felt like it was our own voices we heard through You! THANK YOU!! There should really be a movie made on this impact of yours.

    Anyway, life got better, a lot better in fact, but the love of your music has only grown stronger through the years. As a front man I can only compare you to my other hero, Bruce Springsteen. Both of you guys deliver something spectacular, night, after night, after night. You should double your ticket prices for that reason only! 😉 I can’t almost believe the energy level you put in every show, even the “under aged” shows. You are a true professional, and you deserve all the success that has come with the Sensory Overdrive album. I was totally blown away when I heard it for the first time, and still it’s just getting better!! The songs are great, your shows are even better, and everybody’s just playing so incredibly well.

    Well, finally I got the nerve to tell you what you’ve meant to me, and a lot of other people. Hopefully you read this..

    Best of luck for this year and beyond,

    Mr. J. Paavola

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  6. Ian Rogers

    Many congratulations, Michael. As a long time fan, I found it personally satisfying to witness you receive so many accolades in 2011. You truly deserved it. Sensory Overdrive was, without a doubt. my favorite record of the year, and even with endless plays, I still haven’t tired of it one ioda. It’s a truly magnificent rock n’ roll record.

    We travelled across Canada to attend your Toronto show, and it was easily the live highlight of our year. It was my first opportunity to see you play, and it was spectacular. Getting to meet you afterwards was a joy as well.

    Again, congratulations on a great year, and cheers to the future bringing you nothing but better days.

  7. Ville Ruso

    You truly deserve all the good things you get, Michael. All the best for 2012!

  8. miss indy

    It’s so nice that you finally get some fame and glory,you really,really deserve it! I’m looking forward to next possibility to see you & band!

  9. Minako

    I’ve read your blog. Congratulations on getting so many kinds of awards! Hope
    my things will get better too…. See you again someday…

  10. Minako

    Wonderful pic! I should keep a smile on my face like you…

  11. Charlotte

    Congratulations on all of the awards, much deserved! You guys rocked last year and I wish you all the best for this year.
    I wish all the Michael Monroe fans a Wonderful New Year too! Make it a good one x

  12. Petja

    You have been so wonderful person and artist all these years that I can just say “You really deserve every success that has been given to You lately!”.
    The positive energy and all that shining You can share to all of us is a gift and Im so happy to be able to feel it by your music and live acts.

    Thank you, Mr Monroe 🙂

  13. Minako

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂
    Do you have any plan to come to Japan during this year?

  14. Astilla

    Mike you rule my world!

  15. Minako


  16. Legal eyes

    Ride On Michael! No compromise, No regrets, You´ve earned it All!

  17. Gary Alexander

    hey Michael!
    Congratulations on all your achievements in the past year. The 2 shows you put on in The Garage in my hometown of Glasgow, Scotland were some of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve been to. I was lucky enough to meet you, Sami and Steve before you got on your tour bus and you’re all the greatest bunch of guys, Steve sent me a signed copy of his album while on tour, and I got one of the postcards your band sent out from Japan (so cool!!!!) Thanks so much for taking the time to meet us, its a great honor and something i’ll never forget, one of my best memories of my life so far.
    Thanks for not forgetting about us here in Scotland, lots of bands just play London and move on to another country. I hope you and your band enjoyed Glasgow as much as we enjoyed your show.
    Your new album is great, Im glad its doing so well because it deserves to.
    I hope your success continues to grow, the world needs more people like you, and more music like yours! and if you ever come by Glasgow again anytime I’ll definatley be there!
    All the best Michael.

  18. Joona Paavola (A Different J. Paavola)

    I’m a new fresh fan of yours. I’m 18 years old but I consider you an idol, even though I have no idols… Anyway, I’m from Kouvola and I wish to meet you someday. I’d love to visit Turku again!

  19. Joona Paavola (A Different J. Paavola)

    Ps. Finland Rocks !

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