Vote for Michael in “Turun tähden” competition

by Rich ~ August 16th, 2011. Filed under: News.

Vote for Michael in “Turun tähden” competition! “Turun Tähden” (Stars of Turku) is a commendation that can be awarded to a person or group for remarkable positive contributions in the fields of art, entertainment or sports towards raising the public profile of the city of Turku.

Vote here!

7 Responses to Vote for Michael in “Turun tähden” competition

  1. Minako

    I’ve voted….:)

  2. MInako

    Voted again… 🙂 I’ll keep on doing this…..

  3. MInako

    Congratulations !! 😀
    The next is the Classic Rock Awards ! :)  ♪ ☆☆ ♪

  4. Patricia

    Turku rules 🙂

  5. Lytchique

    Hi ! I cant vote – as cant full fill the lines , no knowledge of Finnish :-)))
    Whoud could help me out ?
    just give me the english verision of the 8 rows, so i can go ahead …..
    would be great
    Michael is Rock’n’Roll, Rock’n’Roll is Michael
    go for it

  6. Ensio

    My vote goes to Matti & Teppo: sorry.

  7. Petri

    Moi, Michael. Olen helvetin iloinen puolestasi. Vihdoinkin saat ansaitsemaasi arvostusta. Olisiko mahdollista saada uusin levysi nimmarillasi varustettuna…maksan toki levyn…kitaristi Kuopiosta

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