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Michael Monroe Band’s guitarist Ginger will play his last gig with the band at Provinssirock on the 17th of June.
The new guitarist ‘s identity will be revealed after Provinssirock and the band is certain that it will be a pleasant surprise to all fans of Michael Monroe.
First gig with the new lineup will take place at Kalasatama, Helsinki on the 26th of June where the MM band will be supporting Foo Fighters.

Michael Monroe Band released their critically acclaimed new album “Sensory Overdrive” on March 16th and the band has been on tour in Finland and around the globe ever since the release date.

This lineup change won’t affect any forthcoming gigs.


Michael Monroen bändin kitaristi Ginger soittaa viimeisen keikkansa bändin riveissä Provinssirockissa 17.6. Bändin uusi kitaristi paljastetaan Provinssirockin jälkeen ja se tulee olemaan faneille varmasti positiivinen ja iloinen yllätys! Ensimmäinen keikka uuden kitaristin kanssa on Helsingin Kalasatamassa 26.6. kun Michael Monroe lämmittelee Foo Fightersia.

Michael Monroe julkaisi ylistetyn uuden albuminsa ”Sensory Overdrive” 16.3. ja on sen jälkeen keikkaillut ahkerasti Suomessa ja ympäri maailmaa. Muutokset miehistössä eivät vaikuta tuleviin keikkoihin.


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  1. Jari


  2. Andy

    I had the same idea as Jari. Hope it’ll turn out to be true

  3. fluxy

    oh dear, what a short=sighted decision. Letting the best songwriter of his generation leave your band. Shame x

  4. Andy

    I agree with fluxy! What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Sponge

    Long live Ginger Wildheart !!!

  6. Stevie Klasson

    Ill do it call me Michael…

  7. the ray of sunshine


  8. SteelHorse75

    Oh Dear. So Ginger writes your best album since you began and then you get rid of him. Lets watch you sink back into Rock N Roll oblivian again.

    Ginger is god. Big mistake to fire him

  9. ddr

    Fluxy, what should they do? Take ginger as an hostage and force him on stage? I think their roads just separate, i dont think they kick him out of the band. Maeby Ginger is not happy to be just guitarist.

  10. RR

    @SteelHorse75: He decided to leave. They did not kick him out.

  11. Mark772

    Ginger. So why you left?

    Ginger: I didn’t agree with the management of the band but didn’t have enough of a position in the band to change anything.

  12. charlotte

    It is a shame, however if a person wants to depart better to let them on a high than continue on a low vibe, I’m sure all will be great for the band and Ginger in the future, all the best!!

  13. TuiiYa

    no problem whatsoever, bad that ginger isn’t along any more when MM supports foo fighters, anyways i hope ginger will soon come to finland with his own team, an unplugged evening would be fine fine fine, thanks! wish you all well!

  14. Stella

    its soooo sad 2 hear Ginger leave but i guess that is what Ginger wants ….. oh well at least i got the chance 2 see Ginger live 🙂

  15. Hanoi Fever

    Thanx for Ginger. At least he gave couple of great shots for Michael! I mean songs. Positive shots 😀
    I think I know the new guitarist, and most of people here also 😉

  16. That Guyy

    Steelhorse, your a real fan, arent you?

  17. Sherry

    Am sorry, but am not sorry to see Ginger go, as the last Michael Monroe album sounded like a Ginger album, and not Michael Monroe….But wish good luck to Ginger obviously

  18. Kurt A Van Daele

    I hear K.K. Downing isn’t doing anything.

  19. Oddjob

    All right everyone, first of all, this is in a sense very interesting, but even I can’t help but think of this as the fatal blow to this band. But Ginger wasn’t fired, he just wanted to leave. To my understanding, there were several reason, Ginger being bored with just playing rhythm guitar, problems with the manager etc., Michael’s and Ginger’s relationship hasn’t gone sour.

  20. Kristiina

    Losing Ginger is a bad hit for the band for sure. Also the fans will surely miss him. If Hanoi Fever knows something for real it would be cool to know, but speculations about Nasty joining the band are not necessarily just positive. Nasty has been pretty sure in his statement to stay away from musicbusiness , so if its him on the stage in Kalasatama I am starting to fear the rumours of the band breaking up to be true.. really hope not. Love you Michael Monroe, and hope all the best for you and the band! And Ginger, we´ll be here waiting to hear from Mutation and your other projects. Take care! <3

  21. Minako

    That’s too bad!! When did GINGER decide to leave this band in the first place? TOKYO’s gig was really fantastic! (* *)


    IZZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Wattage

    Bummer, Ginger is great but getting Nasty playing again will more than make up for it!

  24. Ladi in Black

    “Oh Dear. So Ginger writes your best album since you began and then you get rid of him. Lets watch you sink back into Rock N Roll oblivian again.

    Ginger is god. Big mistake to fire him!”

    Off the record the manageress had made an ultimatum to Ginger demanding, it´s either her or Ginger leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why an earth not rather her?????? The band needs a composer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. japanesevictoria

    i’m sorry to hear that.
    things are not simple but,,,anyway Good luck!

  26. Ellu67

    I’m sure Mike knows what he’s doing. His decisions have always led to right direction, even thought they had seemed hasty at first.

  27. Suff


  28. the slider

    Welcome back NASTY !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. zig zag

    ooops, there goes the chemistry…

  30. kimi138

    why the hell u choose a damager over great composer, fuck, fuck & fuck again. Makes no fucking sense at all, worst decision ever.

  31. Patricia

    good luck guys!!! hope ypu got a cool guitar player fore us!!!

  32. Yari

    So,a lotta ppl think its Nasty who will replace Ginger. That woukd be great but i gotta say my bet is on Dregen. But those two are the only worthy candidates though. Guess we all know who it is real soon……

  33. SADDD

    Thank you Ginger for the great gigs. It time to move on. I think you’re right about the management.

    OFF TOPIC: What i don’t understand why you guys don’t use social media more. just put up great quality videos to youtube. If they’re good performances of kick ass rock and roll the videos will be linked to everywhere. if the video has 20 secs af talking it’s not good enough. it doesn’t have to be directed videos.. just plain good video with decent sound. give your audio guys one camera and put that the video in youtube. i guarantee those videos will be linked and you get more fans.

    I rarely link any Michael videos to facebook because they’re just not good enough.

  34. EmiliaMonroeeee

    If this is what Ginger wants to do, then I wish him the best and good luck with his other bands. I got to see him live at least! C: And I also believe that Makke knows what he’s doing, and I think the choice of Dregen is great 😀 And..haha..the ones who wrote “Izzy” and “K.K. Downing” sure gave me a good laugh.. 😉

    Love you boys! Keep rockin’ :*

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