First Rehearsal With The New Guitarist…A Big Thumbs Up!

by Steve ~ June 19th, 2011. Filed under: News.

Wow, we’re really happy about this…

The new guitarist is a wonderful guy and natural player with great energy onstage & off. Although we can’t tell ya his name yet, I can tell ya that this new band lineup is a killer!

Replacing a band member is never easy – especially one who was so instrumental in the writing, playing, singing & recording of an album – but we’re all pleasantly surprised at what an easy transition this will be.

Stay tuned for the announcement on Tuesday and for his first gig with us opening for the Foo Fighters in Helsinki next week!


7 Responses to First Rehearsal With The New Guitarist…A Big Thumbs Up!

  1. AnnaM

    Looking forward to see you all with Dregen even if Ginger will be very much missed. Good luck ya all! =)

  2. Suff

    You can’t tell us, but we know so it doesnt really matter 😀

  3. Minako

    I’ve got a bouncy feeling…..:D

  4. Kurt A Van Daele

    Seeing as how I’ve never heard of this Dregen guy, I hope he is the shit because Conny was in the last incarnation of Hanoi Rocks. I guess life rolls (and rocks) on.

  5. Corinna

    Welcome Dregen in this wonderful band!!! My best wishes for him and good luck!!!
    I’m looking forward to see you all, hopefully soon!!!

  6. Anekdot

    Dregen in The Anita Ekberg Band. How interesting!

  7. Kurt A Van Daele

    This’ll Do. This’ll Do!

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