by Michael ~ June 28th, 2011. Filed under: News.

I’m still on a high from this past weekend. Dregen is working out fantastically in the band!
He is a total Star and adds so much positivity to this whole thing.
Playing and performing with him on stage is such a blast for all of us.
And we’re just getting started.  God bless you, Dregen!

This was also my first time seeing the Foo Fighters live and they were brilliant!  One of the best gigs I’ve ever seen.
Great authentic Rock’n’Roll and tons of positive energy all around.
I’m so glad they’re as big as they are – couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of guys!
They didn’t even limit the opening bands from using the whole stage, which is unusual nowadays.
And the “White Limo”- dedication was awesome, as well as Chris’  little Hanoi tribute during band introductions.
I absolutely love them.

So once more – Many Thanks to the Foo Fighters, let’s do it again soon!

Love & Respect,


  1. Hanoi Fever

    Thanx again for your “updates”. It’s always interesting to see Your side and read Your feelings. I’m sure the chemistry works brilliant with Dregen.

  2. ninaeyes

    It was cool to see one of the coolest guitarist by your side.. can´t believi yet..

  3. MattGunns

    Bring it to the USA!

  4. =Rami=

    Mike!! You just run over V.Valo and Andy and i think you are now what you allwayswanted to be!! Rock´n´Love never dies!!

  5. Minako

    I’ve read the announcement of V-rock Fes in Japan. So are you going to play only at that Fes? Any other club gigs? What about Loud-Park Fes? I’d be happy enough if I could see only your gig…… The other bands don’t mean anything to me…..unless they are so cool as the Foo Fighters.

  6. Ralf Klein (Germany)

    Hi Michael & band,

    guys, when do you come to Germany ? I love your new record and the live album is the best I have in my big cd collection. Really great thing is, that on the studio & live album one feels the fun you have to play this great rock’n roll! Since weeks the cds haven’t have any chance to get out of my cd player here: a great set played with a lot of passion and a fantastic sound.
    Thanks to Wildhearts – Ginger for working and playing with you guys. And Dregen is fantastic guy. My son & I are big fans of the the Backyard Babies and saw them several times.
    So guys, we expect you here in Germany – and Dregen: we will be patiently waiting for a new babies album.
    Rock on, you crazy rock’n rollers, you make my days really.

  7. Aloha Brad

    Mr. Monroe I think you have found the formula!!!

    Dergen is so the man and Steve on the other side
    how can you go wrong?

    See you lads in London
    your way Gentlemen

  8. Minako

    I’m envy with those who could go to the Ruisrock Fes,,,how’s the show like,,,?
    See you in October.

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