US release

by Rich ~ May 11th, 2011. Filed under: News.

The US release is postponed. The record will be out early fall. More news very soon.

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  1. pinkie

    fans in America always get screwed 🙁

    how long are we gonna have to wait for a live show to support the album release?

  2. Kurt A Van Daele

    Man, that really sucks! But being a long-time, die-hard fan I bought the expensive Japanese import the day it came out. I listen to that ass-kicker at least twice day.I’m cranking it right now! It’ll be on ten till the wife comes home- then it’ll go down to 5. She even says there isn’t a bad tune on it. I just hope the show will come to the States. I last saw Michael on the “Not Fakin’ It” Tour in 1989 in Oklahoma City. I even met the man and got an autograph on my “Two Steps From The Move” cassette. Yes, I am that old. Keep on Kickin’ Out The Jams!

  3. charlie

    wut….why? : (

  4. Todd Roxx

    The album is one of my faves from start to finish!

  5. Mikey77

    Probably because the album succeeded very well in the UK charts and also elsewhere in Europe and there are many gigs to do still in Europe: When the release will be made in the US in the fall there’s also time for a big tour. USA it so huge that it can take two to three months to make tour from the east coast to west and that’s what Michael needs to promote the album. When the time comes this will be huge: Guns’n’Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Rolling Stones…they are absolutely nothing compared to this band. Take a look at some of the recent concert videos on YouTube. What a great band and what a great songs Michael has in his hands.

  6. bache

    i luv u

  7. Kurt A Van Daele

    I sure hope you’re right Mikey77. That would be the American Dream for sure!!

  8. missi fknight

    my name is missi. i am very happy to FINALLY see you coming to the states. i have spent most of my 34 years on this planet as a huge fan of mm and hanoi:)
    i am in a band called the fuck nights…i just joined as the first female fuck knight…yes! we just toured down to nashville and leave end of oct. for spain, france and italy…3 weeks! we are signed on italian label boss hoss.
    why should you care? well, i thought our punk garage sound would be perfect as an opening band if there is not a touring opener. i had to ask, y’ know. we opened for adlers appetite a couple months ago. if there is any interest you can check it out… we are also on facebook as fvck knights.
    the second link is to a french blog-fun video.
    i also sent this to the booker and management…fingers, toes and eyes crossed!
    thanks for your time and i look forward to the show no matter what!!
    lady miss missi fucknightingale <3

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