“SENSORY OVERDRIVE” release dates

by Rich ~ March 17th, 2011. Filed under: News.

Belgium: 11th March
Holland: 11th March
Ireland: 11th March

United Kingdom: 14th March
Finland: 14th March
Denmark: 14th March
Sweden: 14th March
Norway: 14th March
Poland: 14th March
Romania: 14th March
Hungary: 14th March
Czech Republic: 14th March
Slovakia: 14th March
Estonia: 14th March
Latvia: 14th March
Lithuania: 14th March
Russia: 14th March
Armenia: 14th March
Azerbaijan: 14th March
Kazakhstan: 14th March
Kyrgyzstan: 14th March
Tajikistan: 14th March
Turkmenistan: 14th March
Ukraine: 14th March
Belarus: 14th March
Argentina: 14th March
Chile: 14th March
Colombia: 14th March
Venezuela: 14th March
Guyana: 14th March
New Zealand: 14th March
Uzbekistan: 14th March
Serbia: 14th March
Montenegro: 14th March

Germany: 18th March
Australia: 18th March

France: 21st March

Italy: 22nd March

Spain: 29th March

United States: May 17th

9 Responses to “SENSORY OVERDRIVE” release dates

  1. Bradd

    May 17th? Really? C’mon guys, you’re killing me! Just saw the ’78 vid. Haven’t been this excited about a new cd since waiting on Another Night In The Sun. AAARRRGGGHHH!

  2. Johnny

    Yeah…what is with this BS that we here in the States have to wait an extra month or two? This is the electronic age…things should be INSTANTANIOUS!!!! :((((

  3. oscar

    i will see you at bilbao 22 5 2011 jeje , and drink and have good rocking time again yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

  4. Paula Crazy finnfan

    Tavastia 26th(both of them) and the 27th of this month will so rule

  5. Minako

    (^^)/口 at last!

    (((((( ( ^^)/口 let’s check it out..

  6. Minako

    ( ^^) ((口)) sounds wonderful!

    ( ‘ ‘) ….gone…?

  7. federico

    vendrán a Buenos Aires????

  8. tomm

    What stores will be carrying the new album in America?
    Can’t wait!!!
    I’ve heard it, and it’s amazing!!!!

  9. charlie

    yayyyyyy!!!can’t wait for the album…are you guys going to tour in the US too?

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