Charity concert live stream on March 27th

by Rich ~ March 26th, 2011. Filed under: News.

The charity concert in Helsinki on Sunday, March 27th for the casualties of Japan catastrophe will be streamed world wide.

The official URL for the livestream is

Live broadcast on Sunday March 27th from 7pm to 9.30pm (Finnish time).

13 Responses to Charity concert live stream on March 27th

  1. Barbara

    Thanks Michael to make the concert available for people all over the globe!!! I’ll be online to see you and to carry my love to the japanese people.
    Thanks Michael, see you soon in Italy!

  2. Marja

    Hi, thanksMichael! For the global audience: today Sunday Finland changed to summer time (daylight saving) so be careful with the time!

  3. Massy


  4. andy newcs

    nice one Michael , cant wait to see you tonight . You are very generous .

  5. japanesevictoria

    Thank you very much, Michael & guys!
    I almost cry for your kindness.
    I can’t wait to see you in June in Japan.

  6. Minako

    I’m watching this gig right now…..(^^)

  7. Colette Ramsay

    Well done! The Band I missed it all but see you in Glasgow soon.

  8. Barbara

    GREAT performance, Michael!!
    Love the new tracks!!!
    Can’t wait to see you in Italy!!!

  9. Minako

    I’m up! (^^)/

    Watched that gig until the end!(even though it was around 3:30a.m. Japan


    Thank you so much for cool performance!!

    I need to check it out again. ((( ( ^^)/口

  10. k

    first of all thanks for creating this event- you have a beautiful heart <3 and for the great show too!

    thanks also fot the old hanoi-songs… they meant a lot. love you & the band!

  11. Banjo Bine

    You should play Man with no eyes..

  12. Minako

    The charity concert was successful, and how’s the Leeds one? I can see you have a day off today、 so hope you could take a good rest……

  13. Minako

    There’s only one and half month left…. I’ve got to pick up every tunes,got to shape more,and what about brushing up my english?…….sigh……..

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