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by Steve ~ March 17th, 2011. Filed under: News.

Well here we are, back on the road again w/ the boys. Wiping the dust off our chops, flexing those muscles, stretching limbs and cords, preparing our stomachs for road food & higher doses of alcohol, our throats enduring the smoke, wrapping our minds around this business of music and our hearts missing loved ones back home. As a band from my beloved NYC once put it – “All for the love of rock and roll…”

We’ll see you out there. Don’t miss us this time around, we’ve got a brand new show and it’s even better than before.


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  1. Tanja

    Loved your show in Kuopio! U rock hard and I had a time of my life! Still having goose bumps… Couldn’t take my eyes off u Steve. Thank you guys and hope I’ll see u again soon!! xx

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