’78 video

by Rich ~ March 17th, 2011. Filed under: News.

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  1. Mervi

    Thank You, thank You, thank You Michael for making music and being alive! Great song, wonderfull band! Keep on rockin´ Michael. We (I) need you…

  2. Patricia

    it´s so classic but in the same time so new and fucking ass kicking!! rock on!

  3. oscar

    i feel the same , fucking rocking great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , do you need more?? , itis rock n roll attitude , nothing comare to feel it


  4. Dave San Diego

    This Is Rock’n’Roll Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Patricia

    yeahh great song and great band! that´s all you need!

  6. Paula Crazy finnfan

    Its new, its sassy, its all you need to get legally high 😀
    Love it

  7. Sugarbuzz Magazine

    Killer…can’t wait to hear the lp! Love the new band! Def. rocks like fuck…STIV is somewhere smilin’….xo

  8. japanesevictoria

    Thank you very much!
    I’m glad to see that!

  9. japanesevictoria

    I can’t wait to see guys in Japan in June.


    Great!!! You guys gotta play in NY again!!

  11. age

    best after appetite after you get in it the future looks sunny <3 <3 <3

  12. Simona

    What to say… Just great music and energy!! Well done Michael. Any chance to see you play in Italy?

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