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Long time, no blog…no excuses.

I hope the year has started out good for all of you.

I’m feeling really excited about our new album “Sensory Overdrive” being released next month. I gotta say that this band truly ROCKS and you can definitely hear it on the record!
The first single ” ’78” is getting a great response from radio stations and the listening audience. I can hardly wait for you – and the rest of the world – to hear the whole album!

As I’ve mentioned before, Sensory Overdrive was produced by the legendary Jack Douglas at Swinghouse Studios in LA. But as you know, recording an album is only half of the “product” – the mixing process is the other half. The final mixing and mastering was done by the great Petri Majuri at Seawolf Studios in Helsinki this past December.

We’re all very much looking forward to playing the new songs live in just a few weeks.

So my friends, it won’t be long now – “Sensory Overdrive” is coming your way and so are we, loud and clear! See you at the shows!

Love & RAWK!!!


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  1. Aleksi Lausti

    Fantastic, looking forward to it here in India. Hopefully available 🙂

  2. Ivo

    GREAT! I just can`t wait
    (I already pre-ordered it and wait for the delivery in March:-)

  3. Anna Gable

    The album is already booked (including the dvd too) and tickets to two gigs are bought and waiting to be used now. I wonder who waits most now, you (+ band) or your true audience, lol, we’re all so excited!

  4. Helen Rutter

    Can’t wait for the album, already have some tickets 🙂

  5. Karin

    Can’t wait for the album to be released, I know I’m gonna love it. You can’t seem to fail.
    Just gotta say that I admire Michael Monroe for being such a strong person. You’ve had such sorrow in your life and yet you seem so happy and energetic. I just want to tell you that you’ve got fans all over the world, you’ve made it and you rock. But probably, you already know that 🙂
    See you at Tavastia, and I might show up in Stockholm too! You’re great, keep it up.

    /Swedish 15-year old fan

  6. blondejon

    Can’t wait to see u guys play Exeter in April, CD+DVD+tshirt edition ordered

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  8. Hanoi247365 Mo

    ….and we can’t wait to hear the album and the tracks live!!! See you in Newcastle and Glasgow.
    Time to go Kick out the Jams. Mo x

  9. Hannibal Hayes

    See you in London!

  10. stevirox

    I’ve got the CD+DVD+ Tshirt on order…! And UK tour nites in London, Leeds & Manchester… bring it on……..!

  11. marshallofrock

    I’m gonna make it one of my “rock picks of the week” this week. What are the plans for a new official video? Wishing you all the best!! Rock on!

  12. Suff

    Getting LP, CD and Japanese CD 😀

  13. Karla from Sweden

    I’m sure I will love it too. I have been a fan since 20 years ago. You are such a genius Mike. That you are attractive does not make things worse, but have you heard so many times. See you on Debaser 31/3.

  14. chris

    got the cd ordered looking forward to seeing you for the first time in Norwich look forward to seeing you there me and my mate already planning to be at the front 🙂

  15. Jimmy Dill from Poland

    I can’t wait to hear this album. Hope you’ll play gig in Czech Republic or Poland. See ya somewhere 🙂

  16. Minako

    …So the Japanese edition comes up March16th. I’ve got to pre-order it soon…

  17. Corinna

    I wish you all the best Michael!!! I can hardly wait for your album and the tour. See you in Tampere, Helsinki and Copenhagen (and maybe London). I hope that you will come to Germany in the next time.
    Love from Berlin

  18. Onerva

    See you at Tavastia!!

  19. Minako

    Pre-ordering has done! 😀

  20. Joyce Lockinger

    Hope To See You In The USA !!! Loves To You Michael !!! xoxoxo

  21. Joseph J. Patchen

    Michael, This album is incredible!! Love it!

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