LogoMotion Turku 2011 Party

by Rich ~ January 10th, 2011. Filed under: News.

Special show on Saturday!! Showtime 10.45 pm!

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  1. Minako

    Did they played only new songs at the party?

  2. Suff

    They are not allowed to play them before the album airs.

  3. Minako

    I see. Thanks for telling me^^

  4. Sinako

    Why wouldn’t they be allowed to play a song or two from their coming album if they’d decide so? It’s up to them. They are allowed, but it’s different do they want.

    78 rocks!

  5. Johnny B

    Mey Mike?

    Will you guys ever play Man With No Eyes?

    I think you should e,brace the quality songs even if they might be a bit corny in the set you play…. Maybe as an encore number? Please say you don’t hate that song..

  6. akiko


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