Thank You Motörhead! Thank You England!

by Michael ~ December 16th, 2010. Filed under: News.


This blog is about 2 weeks late because very shortly after my return from the UK I got extremely busy working on some important “finishing touches” on our new album in Helsinki at Seawolf Studios with the brilliant Petri Majuri making sure our new record will sound as great as it should…and now it does.
I’ve also been struggling with this horrible flu which I caught on the last date of the Motörhead UK tour.

Well, the tour was a blast while it lasted.  Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Lemmy, Phil & Mikkey, plus the entire Motörhead staff, road crew, catering people…basically everyone in the Motörhead camp for treating us so nice and making it such a pleasant experience.  And many thanks to their fans too for being so openminded and receptive to us – that was a nice surprise.
Nearly all the shows were great and getting to see Motörhead live at close range almost every night was quite a treat.

Only the last date in Brighton turned out a bit rough for me since I caught this diabolical flu that screwed up my throat in a bad way before the show.
I felt it a bit in the morning that day, but in the afternoon it rapidly got increasingly worse.  At the soundcheck I still managed to sing ok, but by showtime I noticed I had no singing voice left.
Especially in the first song “Trick Of The Wrist” (from the forthcoming album) the range is pretty high, so I was just standing there hearing myself sound like crap.  I just kept thinking: “most of these people have never seen or heard me before, and now they must think I always sound like this…what a bummer!”  Typically this was the night that Kerrang was there to review the show – not the night before in London which was perfect.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all…

One cool thing about the Brighton show was that Charlie Harper & Alvin Gibbs (UK Subs) showed up and none other than Captain Sensible (The Damned) too!  Captain really liked our versions of the Damned songs (Love Song & Machine Gun Etiquette) and it was so cool to see him.  Apparently Brian James (Ist Damned album, Lords Of The New Church) was there too, but only Sami saw him and talked to him.  Would’ve been great to see him too.

I hope none of you catch this flu ‘cos it’s a bitch – especially if you’re a singer.
But hey,  X-mas is on its way – right around the corner!

Let’s be nice!

Love, Joy & Peace,

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  1. Steve Conte

    It was amazing, you had no voice before the show but onstage it kept getting better as the set went on…you’re a trooper Michael…god bless ya! I know, i got the flu too and just had to take the lead, singing on my own tour in the UK – it’s a real bitch!! See all you peeps out there on tour in April…

  2. Kaid Miller

    dude you guys are amazing and michael your just a legend your keeping real rock alive the fact you had no voice and still kept soldiering on is epic well not that your voice is screwed up but youre awesome and you steve hope you guys and the rest of the band have an awesome christmas you have one 13 year old fan right here who will keep following you to the end of your career merry Xmas you guys NEVER STOP ROCKIN!!!!

  3. kris head

    Southampton was the dogs bollocks! and Who needs a good singing voice to be in a rock n roll band? Alice Cooper and Lemmy are hardly choirboys 😉

    Life gets you dirty!

  4. Kaid Miller

    kris you my friend are talkin bull crap.

  5. Hanoi247365 Mo

    Hey Michael – How do you save a Kerrang reviewer from drowning?
    Take your foot off his head.
    That’s all I have to say about that.

    For my part I got to see you twice this year – Islington and then in Glasgow with Motorhead. What an absolute blast. I loved every second.
    The live album is brilliant and I can’t wait for the new album and to see you guys again in Newcastle and Glasgow in April.

    Have a great Christmas guys and best wishes for 2011. Mo x

  6. GrahamH

    Hey Michael, not everyone at the gigs were just Motorhead fans. My mate Tapani travelled over from Kouvola for the gig and we had a great night in Leeds. You are a real pro. Saw you in Leeds with Hanoi Rock a couple of years back and that was my initiation by Tapani! Everyone I met at Leeds was impressed and Tap was approached by many people as he had a MM t-shirt on and all wanted to say how good you had been. They were a good crowd. Look forward to the new Album and don’t be a stranger! Get back here soon! Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year. Flu – have the jab!

  7. Rozie Hadley

    I couldn’t believe my luck – you guys and Motorhead in one gig. We went to Wolverhampton and loved it. Your set was really tight.
    Took 2 days for my ears to stop ringing though – thanks Lemmy!!!

  8. Rococo

    Hey Michael! Sorry to hear about your flu, same shit happened to me tonight, I had a gig but the flu took my voice away, the only song I could sing properly was our cover of Hammersmith Palais and everyone loved it! Saw you 3 times this year and can’t wait to see you again next year in London. Take care!

  9. charlotte

    MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have A Good One and A Wonderful 2011!!

  10. Steve

    I brought my son along to Motorhead to watch you and he was transfixed by your showmanship. Im looking forward to seeing you when you headline. Classic rock reviewed a covers band called LAMF (great thunders reference), it would be a blast to have someone like that supporting you, we all owe something to the dolls

  11. Minako

    …Is it for real!? You’re too awesome..

  12. Melissa

    Merry Christmas Michael! I hope Santa brings you lots of presents! 🙂

  13. Minako

    Super lovely ^^ !
    I prefer to only 2 hedgehogs pic. They’re just like talking to each other.

  14. colette ramsay

    Happy 2011! MIchael and co., I got to see you in London and in homecity Glasgow so glad to see you back! Looking forward to new album and see you at the Garage in April. Love and Kiitos! Alwayz xxxxxx

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