Happy New Year!

by Rich ~ December 31st, 2010. Filed under: News.

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  1. kimi chaos

    yeah!!!happy new year ya all!!!!

  2. Hanoi247365 Mo

    Hey everyone – A message for 2011 – When you’re lonely, I wish you Love. When you’re down, I wish you Joy. When you’re troubled, I wish you Peace. When things seem empty, I wish you Hope. When you’re quiet, I wish you….Michael Monroe!
    You could do yourself a big favour however and just skip to the last part. Hell, I think I just found my New Year Resolution….Happy New Year everyone! Mo x

  3. Minako

    Happy New Year All!!(^^)/

  4. Jane

    Ultimately Happy & Love-ly New Year for You guys! From the <3.
    The inspiration through the years, the soul level in some levels or what ever (well, ever) don't know – it has carried me from 80's till 11's – well we are all kids aren't we?!? All the Best! – She

  5. charlotte


  6. Emilia

    I know I’m late, but Happy New Year to the band and everybody else who is watching this(and everybody that is not watching it, haha)I hope this year will be a great year to, with many Michael Monroe-concerts and a lot of fun!!

    Hugs n’ kisses

  7. Henrik Ruso

    I checked out your gig last spring in the world famous Tavastia Club, Helsinki. Sounded and looked great!!! Hope you guys stick together!

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