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Having a fantastic time here on the Motörhead 35th Anniversary UK Tour!  This might be the best tour I’ve ever been on – I’m totally loving it.  Motörhead and their crew are treating us super nice and everyone is very kind and helpful.  Plus they have the best catering in the world!  Normally one would lose a couple of kilos on tour, but on this tour it’s easy to put on a few since the food is so good.  The opening band, Skew Siskin & their crew are very nice and helpful too. All in all there’s a great positive & peaceful vibe around here.  Everyone, (including our own newly formed & brilliant crew) is very professional and together – we’re all just having a blast! I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Motörhead, their crew and everybody involved.  It’s been an absolute pleasure.  I can’t believe we’ve only got 4 shows left to do.  This tour will be over too soon and it’s been so much fun!

Some audiences are more responsive than others for us, but mostly I’ve been positively surprised how well we’ve been received.  After all, especially in the UK, the Motörhead crowd can be very tough to win over or even to get a reaction from.  However, by the end of our show they seem to think we’re quite alright.  At first they’re a little wary, I guess…untl they realize – oh, he’s a nutcase, THAT’S why he’s on this tour…AND this band does some serious rockin’ every night…

One of the greatest thrills for me is having been invited on stage with Motörhead to sing “Born To Raise Hell”! I’ve done it on 4 occasions already. What an honour and privilege!  It doesn’t get much cooler than that. I actually did sing backing vocals on the recording of the song with Sebastian Bach back in the day in New York.

Ginger has soldiered on bravely with his broken foot…and I haven’t managed to hurt myself too badly (knock on wood). However, while on the subject…I guess I can reveal now that at the end of the last show of our Scandinavian Tour in Tampere, Finland (2 weeks before this Motörhead tour) when I fell off the lighting rig I slammed my back against the side of the stage and fractured 2 ribs (on my left side, for a change)  This happened just as I had pretty much recovered from breaking the other 2 ribs in Japan in August!  Actually, this time they were just fractured, and not as badly broken as they were in Japan.  So I’ve been coping with it the best I can.  I rested a week, but then started doing as much exercising as the pain would allow me to.  Now it’s been about 3 weeks since the injury, so I’m on the safe side already…

The reason I didn’t say anything publicly about breaking my ribs again was that I thought it was becoming a bit of a joke with this band. First I break 2 ribs, then Ginger breaks his foot, then I break 2 more ribs – I mean it does get a bit ridiculous. I can just hear people going, “oh, them old guys are just literally falling apart, etc…”   The truth really is that our live show is so intense and we give it everything we’ve got so it’s not surprising that some injuries happen.  Also, my falling off the lighting rig (first time ever, by the way…) just goes to show that even I ever really don’t know if I’m gonna fall or not – which adds to the excitement, right?

Other than that, all I can say that Lemmy is King and Long Live Motörhead!

Love & Respect,


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  1. stevirox

    HR bein my fave band & havin seen MM in London & Download this year i had to go the Blackburn gig as its my home town. Fantastic as always, but Michael scared us all by climbing up to the balcony & then walking along the edge of said balcony!!!! Can’t wait for the new CD & some headlining shows…

  2. Marian

    oh my gosh!! Michael be careful!★

  3. Hanoi247365 Mo

    Hey Michael – good to hear you’ve been having a blast. From the footage we can tell! Your gig in Glasgow was fantastic. I was on the balcony and was getting some strange looks apparently as I was singing every word along with you amongst all the Motorhead fans. Ha ha ha – didn’t even notice so that’s how much attention I was paying to anything which wasn’t on the stage! The guys along the row from us hadn’t seen you before and loved the set and the crowd downstairs definitely warmed up. Re broken bones – just don’t fall off anything high! You’ve got to last me a lifetime. Mo x

  4. José

    Hi Michael! I will see Motorhead in Barcelona in a acouple of weeks, as I’ve been reading you’ll not be in this part of the tour, don’t you? It’s so sad because I really love your music and I’m a crazy Wildhearts fan too…So, if you don’t came here with Motorhead, hope to see you soon playing here.
    Also you could see a couple of pictures I took in your first show here, in Badalona, some years ago in my facebook profile, there I have as a friend Kristiina Wildheart, guess you know her 🙂
    All the best Michael, hope to see you soon.

  5. kris head

    Hey Michael!

    We met on Sunday before the Southampton show, and the Guildhall is famed for bad acoustics, but you guys absolutely sealed the deal on that gig, Come back on a headline tour and play a smaller intimate venue.

    Easily one of the best shows I’ve seen you do and thanks for the chorus in Hammersmith Palais! 😉

    So say goodnight to the bad guys!

  6. Andy.

    Saw you last night in Wolverhampton supporting Motorhead, you all rock!!!
    Love your Damned covers and Mikes lighting rig/balcony climb was excellent, he’s like a rock ‘n’ roll Spiderman.
    Anyway, thanks to you & Motorhead for a great night, hope to see you again on a headline uk tour soon/
    Cheers, Andy.

  7. Kaid Miller

    YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST BAND EVER!!!! i am your biggest fan even though im only 13 you keep REAL rock alive!!!!!!My lifes dream ambition is to one day meet you and be as good as you!!!!

  8. Zara

    Hii we Saw you at cambridge cornex change you were amazing we really enjoyed your set and you trip into the boxes we thought you were going to fall off..
    all the best and hope to see you on another tour in england soon 🙂

  9. damnhead

    I was in London this saturday for the great concert in Brixton Academy…and I confess it’s one of the best show i have ever seen
    I came especially from Paris to see my two favorite bands…Motorhead…and you!
    A dream become true…I almost cry when you sang “Born to raise hell” with Lemmy, it was crazy!
    Your set was amazing, you’ve played songs I really love, like “Nothing’s allright” “Hammersmith palais” “I wanna be loved” and the cover of the Damned “Love song” (see my pseudo, mixed of The Damned and Motorhead” ehehehe) and of course some Hanoi Rocks
    I just hope one day you’ll be back in Paris, it would be wonderful !!
    You rules
    Thanx to exist!!

  10. Dave

    wow last night @ brighton centre was amazing and holding michael up was so freakin gnarly i would love to see all three bands even though before i hadn’t heard of etheir of the support bands again and in the words of the guy behind i’ve been touch…. lol keep rocking on

  11. Greg

    Hey guys! Saw you at Brighton Centre last night and you were totally awesome! Absolutely loved the show and the energy and thought that Michael and Ginger especially were sublime!

    Shame about the d*ck head that threw a drink at Ginger… just a shame that he didn’t have the balls to get on stage when Ginger challenged him!

    Really hope you guys play again the the UK soon as I for one will DEFINITELY be there! \m/

  12. charlotte

    HEY, Saw you guys at Cambridge with my hubby and little man, you guys rocked!! Michael you are nuts!! Loved the whole climbing over the balconies bit, man you guys stole the show, Good Luck with everything thats to come, you guys deserve it,
    Best Wishes x

  13. Mulletmeister

    Saw you at Brighton as well. Shame about the idiot with the beer! Even though your voice was shagged, thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait till you come over again in April! I will be there along with 3 others who went to the motorhead gig and came away loving your stuff! Love the lyric ” Tokyo’s going techno”. Sang it most of the way home! Rock on.

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