On the road again…

by Rich ~ October 19th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Hey there!

Long time, no blog from me…sorry.
Anyway, better late than too soon… (ha, ha).

The recording sessions in LA went very well. We worked pretty hard and fast with no days off except for one when Jack had to fly to New York for the John Lennon movie premiere. All the recording is finished and Jack is starting to mix as we speak. So I guess you could say that the album is about half done.

After about 3 weeks in LA, I must say it is nice to be back home for a while. Just being able to WALK to get to places is a pleasure rather than sitting in a car everyday…
The jet-lag is usually worse when flying back this way and this time it was extremely harsh. For almost 2 weeks after my return I kept waking up at around 2am-4am and wasn’t able to sleep for the rest of the night.

My broken ribs have healed quite well and I was able to start doing most of my daily excercises again 2 weeks ago. Not being able to exercise for 2 months kinda threw me off balance, both physically and mentally. I was very worried about my vocal performances in LA because singing is quite physical after all – and this is one of the most important records of my life. However, the vocals on the record turned out fine in the end.

My live performance is another thing, though.
I had just about recovered from my jet-lag when it was time to leave for Sweden to play in Malmö and Gothenburg.
I have to admit that those 2 gigs in Sweden were surprisingly hard for me physically – but of course I did my best not to let it show. I can’t recall going this long without exercising since my early 20’s. It also affected my voice in a bad way. Since I didn’t feel I had enough support from my diaphragm I sang too much “from the throat” and therefore blew out my voice. Not being able to hear myself in the monitors at the gig in Gothenburg didn’t help either. Otherwise, the gigs were good and the audiences were very nice.

So my voice was already shot before the 2 Tavastia shows we did on October 16th. I still managed to pull through pretty good somehow. Most people didn’t notice anything being wrong with my voice. My dad was at the early show, which was really nice and meant a lot to me.

Something pretty serious also happened during the 1st show at Tavastia: Ginger broke his foot on stage and now he has to wear a cast on it for about 6 weeks. It seems that as soon as I had pretty much recovered from my broken ribs this happened.
Pretty nuts, huh? Other than that, the shows were a blast and the crowd was great. Thank you everyone!

Next we’ll play in my hometown of Turku, then we’re off to Jyväskylä, Oulu and Tampere. And in November…with Motörhead in the UK!
See you down the road!

Take care,

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  1. Alexÿ

    Hey! I just wanted to say that it was my scarf you got at the gig in Gothenburg. I hope you liked it. And I thought the gig was really awesome.
    Take care,

  2. Anna Gable

    And thank you, and all in the band, for two great concerts in Helsinki! I know you always want to give 110%, and that’s what makes you all so fantastic to see live. I hope for a fast recovery for Ginger, and that you’ll get an award for your live shows and album this year! You deserve it.

    I know a lot about singing, and for the ones that doesn’t, let me fill in that singing a 4 minute song using the right technique could be compared to doing 200 sit-ups in the same time. As Michael say, you really need a strong mid-body. I’ve always been impressed by Michael’s voice control, changing from raw belting, via overdrive to the compressed neutral of the really high notes. Without power and technique two gigs in the same day would be impossible, especially such intense ones as this band has. Michael is one of few in the business who can do it. At the encore of the second he still sounded very good, so even if his throat got tiered, it could not be heard, and I’d say that he pulled through because of a solid technique that many younger singers should envy and learn from.

    Sorry, this got long, but finally: thanks so very very much for taking the time to sign my album. I’ve been listening to rock since the 70s, but I’ve never collected stuff or hung around for autographs. Sometimes things calls for a change though. You have blown me away this year, more than I ever though I could be blown away, especially after all these years, and after being a lot on stage myself. Getting your names on the album really means a lot to me, thanks from the bottom of my heart! A super big good-luck-wish for the new album, you really deserve it to write rock history!

  3. Anna

    Hi Michael!!!!

    I was soo happy to se and meet you in Gothenburg!!!! The show was fantastik!! I have been waiting to see you live for 20 years!!! You are a great showman. Love you!!!//anna

  4. Kristiina

    thank you for Saturday, it was awesome once again. Hope mr G is going to be better soon :/

  5. shhhh relax

    patiently waiting for you guys to come back to the USA. Wish I could get back to England for the Motorhead tour, but alas it’s not going to happen.

    Have a great time on the road… I’m hearing GREAT things about the shows!

  6. Anna Gable

    PS Michael, I hope you read this in person, or that someone will forward it to you:

    I just remembered a rather special thing that my current voice coach use to do to strenghen the singing muscles way faster than from normal work out and singing excersices (I’m sure you have one of your own voice coach, so no offence, but I’ve never come upon anyone else who uses this before, and I’ve had some different coaches through the years), and that’s to sing into a balloon. I’m not kidding (though I thought my coach was kidding me the first time, lol), it’s much more resistans, and it works all the song-support muscles, both diaphragm, waist, back and belly. You can’t do things wrong in the balloon (if you do, there will not be any tone at all), and that means you have to activate the muscles for singing, and you can be sure you’ll not stress your throat.

    Use a normal round/oblong balloon, the ones you can get at your local store in packs of 10-20, nothing fancy. First fill it two-three times to “stretch” it, then make sure you fill it steadily, even and _slow_ when you sing into it, you can sing on an “o” or an “r”, the latter is even harder, but you can do belting on an r, so that works in the balloon too. Do both warm up scales, and sing your tunes in it (yes, you’ll laugh a lot at the start, because it feels very silly so start when you’re alone, but you’ll soon discover how good this is, you’ll get strong again in half the time, I promise you!). A harder-material-balloon is of course also more work out than a soft one. Hope it will help you save your throat and get the technique back faster after your broken ribs.

    I’m very happy that you’re so aware of the technique, because that means you’ll keep sounding good for many more years to come, and that in turn is of course fantastic for us who listens to you!

  7. Marian

    Michael, you are great!

    take care★

  8. Andreas "Dea"

    Terve! Hyvän keikan veditte Tavastialla, niinkuin aina 🙂 🙂 Hyvä fiilis oli päällä! See you next time! Keep on Rocking in the free world! T: Andreas “Dea” Nyström

  9. Hanoi247365 Mo

    Hey Michael – good to have an update and glad to hear the vocals are getting back to your liking, although I have to say I’ve never actually heard you sing poorly!
    I think you won that competition with Ginger by the way, ’cause he doesn’t need his foot to play the guitar…..well, unless he has a new trick….
    Unlike “Shhhhh Relax”who commented before me, I am NOT waiting patiently and can’t wait to see you guys in Glasgow with Motorhead. I have listened to the live album a record breaking number of times but there is no substitute for the real thing…..wishing the days away. Mo x

  10. AnnaM

    I just want to thank you for an awesome show in Gothenburg! I got to see you for the first time at Peace & Love this summer and was blown away by your performance! You are really great on stage and all of you are amazing musicians! I listened lots to Hanoi Rocks in the days but this was even better =)

    Take care!

  11. Repoman

    Saw you supporting Motorhead in Glasgow last night. Awesome set, like a shot in the arm, left me with a grin a mile wide. Especially liked the climbing up to the balcony and giving security a fit :~)

    It’s great to hear to a bunch of guys putting out old skool good time rock, and hopefully the reaction showed you that (I was screaming like an idiot, and wasn’t alone). So much energy! Looking forward to some album output, and if you grace this sodden country again, I’ll be there. Ginger looks as though he’s having fun having reached his ambition of being in a band where he no longer has to sing ;~)

    Thanks for being part of a great night out; rock should be /fun/, and you were all of that. Come back to Glasgow soon.

  12. Sean

    Such a GREAT gig in Blackburn tonight – I didn’t even know you were gonna be there! BEST SURPRISE EVER!!
    Thank you so much and see you soon!

  13. Ellis

    Hello Sir,

    You blew me away last night in Bristol opening for motorhead, let me tell you the general opinion from the crowed was that you should be headlining a UK tour!!!
    Please do stop by in Bristol again soon its been just over 24 hours and were missing you.


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