So far so great!

by Michael ~ September 13th, 2010. Filed under: News.


We’re busy working away here in L.A. and it’s going great!

After 5 days of pre-production with Jack (Douglas), we did our first day of actual recording yesterday (Saturday,11th).

What made it extra special was, that Lemmy came by to collaborate on a song, which he also sang on with me.  A huge honour and great fun too, of course.
We had a real cool time and at the end of the evening he played us the new Motörhead album, which sounded totally amazing, although it wasn’t even the final mix.
Lemmy is THE MAN!  I can’t wait for the U.K. Tour in November with us opening up for Motörhead!

Today (Sunday), our second day of recording, we’ve gotten down the basic tracks (bass, drums & guitars) for 9 songs, out of the 15 we are recording.
If we’ll finish the basics for the remaining 6 songs tomorrow, we’ll be nicely ahead of schedule.

Everything’s sounding brilliant already. Working with our producer Jack Douglas is absolutely fantastic!

Love & Rock’nRoll!


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  1. kimi138

    great to hear about Lemmy. It’s been real fun reading all of your updates from the studio, so thanks guys. Cant wait to lose my hearing with that new record when it comes out!

  2. Minako

    *゚゚ )

  3. Andy

    I read an interview once with Jack Douglas and he sounded like a great guy. I am sure this record is gonna be a classic!

  4. federico mendez

    Michael, sos lo mas grande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pete Garfield

    Nice to hear these news. I’m really, really waiting for the album to be released!!!
    First gonna get that live-thing 🙂

  6. Pablo Garcia

    Fantastic News, I hope to hear the new album on stage in some place of Portugal. Please, tell us about the set list, thx

  7. Oscar

    so great boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Minako

    Your album has come. …I’ll check it out….

  9. Lynn

    Great to have met you on the flight from LA. Hope to seem you when you tour London. All the best.

  10. Lynn

    Great to have met you on the flight from LA. Hope to see you when you tour London. All the best.

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