Rock legend Michael Monroe signs international recording deal with Universal Music

by Rich ~ September 9th, 2010. Filed under: News.

MICHAEL MONROE, iconic rock‘n’roll frontman and founding member of hugely influential Finnish outfit Hanoi Rocks,has entered into a recording agreement with Universal Music. The first fruits of this international deal will be a brand new live album, ‘Another Night In The Sun/Live In Helsinki’, set for release on September 27th 2010. This 15-track outing will be made available through Universal subsidiary, Spinefarm Records.

Says Jarkko Nordlund, Managing Director, Universal Music Finland “Michael Monroe is a true international rock star, and Universal Music’s international network is extremely proud to be working with him. Spinefarm Records is the best home for this rock‘n’roll legend, as both label and artist share the same degree of professionalism and passion.”

Mixed in LA by Niko Bolas (whose credits include Neil Young, Frank Sinatra, Keith Richards, Kiss, Spinal Tap and more) and mastered by Grammy winner Richard Dodd (the man behind Tom Petty and Dixie Chicks), ‘Another Night…’ – recorded on July 6th at the Tavastia Club, Helsinki – features key tracks from Monroe’s solo career spiced up with selected Hanoi classics, some well-chosen covers, plus two brand new, unreleased songs.

Says Monroe: “No excuses, it is what it is, and will probably end up sounding great with all its clunks and flaws, once it’s mixed and finished. Obviously, we’re not doing any overdubs, so you’ll have a very raw ‘rough and ready-or-not’ live recording of another rockin’ night in the sun in the beautiful Finnish summer!”

In the wake of the album’s release, Monroe (plus regular band: Wildheart’s mainman Ginger on guitar, ex-Hanoi member Sammy Yaffa on bass, Steve Conte of New York Dolls & Company Of Wolves fame on guitar, and Karl ‘Rockfist’ Rosqvist on drums, a Swedish/Finnish drummer who has played with both Chelsea Smiles & Danzig) will head out on tour in Finland & Sweden before heading over to the UK to Special Guest with Motörhead on their 35th Anniversary tour in November

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  1. Bellatrix

    Now, this is really good news!! As so many people have already said: cannot wait for the album. Congrats guys!

  2. Anna Gable

    Congratulations!!! Hope the live album can be pre-ordered soon, can’t wait! And of course good luck with the studio one too.

  3. Minako

    Congratulations! Great news to hear.Keep you up everyone!

  4. Minako

    …..Sorry for bothering you from the start….Good bye.

  5. Dark

    Congrats Michael and Band .. YOU FUCKING ROCK ! full circle man .. FULL circle

  6. Andy

    “And Jack needs shoe laces
    -Thank you.”

    I laughed at that part, nice Sami.

    Also, congratulations to the band.

  7. Onerva

    Moi Michael ja bändi!
    Very great news!!Congratulations!

  8. zig zag

    yes, now even the business end seems sound, this is freakin’ sweet!

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  10. Lissa Bellefontaine

    Nice article. Too bad you didn’t find out what’s up with the ‘Media’ button in Media Center. I have Vista MCE, but can’t seem to figure out what good it’s doing for me though. hehe Ah well, I’ll google some more! lol By the way, I loved your comment: “the first five minutes with my remote consisted of me trying to liberate it from its enclosure [sic] i got to it, though” I was rofl b/c that was me too!!! haha

  11. Roxanne Gearing

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