New live album out now!

by Rich ~ September 27th, 2010. Filed under: News.

“Another Night In The Sun – Live in Helsinki” out today in the UK and online stores. The album is available on Wednesday the 29th in Finland!! Get yours now!!

Download from iTunes Store.

Another Night In The Sun

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  1. Andy

    I’m actually a bit disappointed since this won’t come out on dvd.

  2. kimi138

    naah, cd is way cooler than dvd

  3. Timo

    Juts type “youtube”

  4. Stan

    I agree with Andy. You can’t really see how explosive the band is if you can’t see it. But I guess the cd will do.

    Oh yeah, all the Youtube videos are bad quality so that was pretty pointless comment :D.

  5. Hanoi247365 Mo

    Yaaaaahooooooo! Live album out in the UK and RECEIVED today as
    pre-ordered. Don’t you just love the internet? Never has a Monday been quite so gooooooood! Mo x

  6. Hanoi247365 Mo

    I am LOVING this live album!!!!! Just listened to Dysfunctional – the harmonica sounds brilliant – seriously Mr Monroe, do you SLEEP with that harmonica????? You’ve made some pact with the devil, haven’t you??

    It’s raining here in Scotland, but the albums out and it makes me glad to say, it’s been a lovely day and it’s okay. Mo x

  7. zig zag

    gotta support retail, headin for the shops tomorrow!

  8. Timo

    Stan, not every video. Of course they cant be DVD quality, but there is some really good videos for example from that gig, 6.7, where the album was recorded.

  9. Anna Gable

    The cd has very good sound, very good performances from all musicians, and Michael has never sounded better when he sings either (and it was not bad before), he has both the raw belting and and overdrive and the brilliant high notes, which is an awesome combination. All the musicians are performing on top too and it’s sometimes hard to believe all these tracks are live and made on one take. If this album doesn’t get awards for best live album of 2010 there must be something seriously wrong with whoever makes the nominees.

    A dvd would of course be nice too, but it’s a different thing. If they make one, I think it should be filmed at a festival where Michael has the spotlight rigs to climb, can run in the audience and more room on the stage for his acrobatics. Wouldn’t it be nice with a live dvd with the songs from the upcoming studio album, so we’ll get a live version of them too? 🙂

  10. ottter

    Hanoi-songs again, who needs them.

  11. Suff

    ottter, I do.

  12. Miklo

    Just ordered mine. Can’t wait!
    MM is definitely one of the best live acts in the world.

    My love & thanks to Michael & Sammy and the band! See you at the next gig!

  13. Karin

    I need Hanoi-songs too.
    I love the album very much, it’s great! You’re the best 😀

  14. chuck (from CT Via NYC )

    I was at your gig on Mother’s Day in N.Y.C. ( You & the band fuckin’ kicked ASS !!! ) . I been coming to here to your site to find out about any more shows here in America or any CD’s by you and the band ?? . Well i’m trying to get the LIVE album either by I-Tunes or even Amazon, but on I-Tunes it’s only out over there ( U.K. – Japan or Europe ) Everywhere but the US of A !??!?? . Please any help tracking your OUTSTANDING music would really help me out.With a Store,mailorder,back of someone’s car. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME HEAR YOU AND THAT ASS-KICKIN’ GROUP. Thanks all your GREAT TUNES over the years !!!!!!!!!!! Your forever fan Chuck from ( CT. Via N.Y.C. )

  15. Oscar

    i am some confused , only a live cd , or next a studio cd with jack douglas producer ???????????

    can someone amswer this cuestion¿?

  16. Oscar

    I WANNA A STUDIO CD WITH JACK DOUGLAS AND THE SAME MENBERS OF THE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. charlotte

    Received my album yesterday and have not stop playing it! What great sound quality and a real buzz, must be played loud though!!

  18. MäXä

    Cool! i have to buy that album. Where in Helsinki has it been recorded becouse i was at Tavastia 2.4.2010. There everybody was able to meet the band and now i have big framed poster where im with Michael and Sami:D:D:D

  19. Minako

    I have listened to the album. You are brilliant as ever. I came to admire you more..
    Hope the tour will be succeeding. Instead of going to see your gig, I’ll listen to it over and over..

  20. Saara

    Record Shop X is a Finnish record store chain and I believe
    they ship worldwide. So if you have trouble getting yours ..

  21. Zaigon Shagga

    Finally got my hands on the record and it sounds AMAZING!!! The band sounds tight as f**k!! Raw power!! The best live album I have heard in years!!!! Can’t wait to hear what you guys get done in the studio!! Love ya

  22. Roipe

    This is an obvisius ripp-off cd. Old song playd again. But they ware played better in Hanoi Rocks. The last Hanoi Rocks was a diamond.

  23. theM

    Juhani Merimaa, owner of the legendary Tavastia Club in Helsinki, just stated on the air that if all live recording were like this one, he would only listen to live records… Couldn’t agree more. This rocks!

  24. resor turkiet

    good stuff 😉 really enjoyed this article, i’ll read a little more on the blog soon after i am done with my work! 😛

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