If sobriety is the nemesis of jet lag then inspiration is the offspring of fatigue.

by Rich ~ September 8th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Day two has seen four more songs arranged, reconstructed and ready to be immortalised once the red light is ignited. It really is great working with one of the worlds top producers, you realise that they’re at the top of their profession because they are simply specialists at their art. Jack pulls out the best arrangements because he listens. He is, if you will, the first person out side of the band to hear the songs, the first set of critical ears to come into contact with the finished model, the missing link between the demo and the beast that we actually record for your listening pleasure.

And a pleasure it will be too, believe me. These tracks are shaping up to collectively be a very special album indeed. The band are on fire and Michael has finally grown into the star he always threatened to be. Time sees some things age with grace and beauty, and Michael is one of those rare things. He is accepting lyrics that delve deeper into the human psyche than he normally would. Far more self aware and accepting, this stage in his life sees a man with a youthful spirit and a hardened world view, and the maturity of some of the material showcases this wonderful paradox. Some songs, however, are deliciously dumb, as only rock n roll is allowed to be.

We sure do live a charmed existence, us rock n roll guys. Eeking out a childhood long past its sell-by date and gloriously reveling in boyish excesses our labour is that of rhythms and beats, and our reward is your enjoyment.

It’s a great life and we are glad to have you live it with us.

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  1. Salami Snake

    Great reading!! I bet it´s gonna be a killer album.

  2. Onerva

    I just love reading this post!Thanks Ginger! I am sure it`s gonna be a great album.

  3. Mo Hanoi247365

    Hey Ginger – I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels they’re living a charmed existence by living my life in parallel with you guys. It’s so fantastic to see things unfold in real time this way – the formation of the band, the first round of tours, the songwriting and now the making of the album. You guys are making the next part of my life soundtrack and having an absolute blast doing it.
    Not entirely sure I’m ageing with such finesse! Mo x

  4. Kendall Jones

    Thanks Ginger…it’s super cool as a fan to be able to “almost” be a fly on the wall during the process then finally get to hear the finished product. Plus, you have a very unique perspective, so it’s always fun to read what you write.

    Just going on the couple of songs I heard in New York alone I know this CD is going to be incredible.

  5. Dark

    gonna be Dope

  6. Anna Gable

    Beautiful words!

  7. Chris

    Thank you Ginger.

  8. kristiina

    you know,Ginger,I’ve said this before,but you should be a writer too. Can’t wait for the album! Greetings to all in the bandhouse <3

  9. raffe

    All the Monroe albums has been grrrrreeaaaatt,and i’ve allways been wondering how come the man hasn’t “made it big” before.. Now (after seein a few of yer gig’s) I’m actually sure this band will shake some huge action,THE best gig i’ve seen and the new songs hit’s me like a jackhammer. Right guys with a greatest frontman,aaaaaaaa love it to death!!

  10. zig zag

    great writing as usual, Ginger, living that prolonged childhood while working 9 to 5 is another matter, and I’m happy for guys like you who have escaped that and use that freedom to give the rest of us great music

  11. Andy

    What a magical, magnificent post! Can’t wait to hear the results!

  12. Corinna

    Great words Ginger. Thanks!!!

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