Finished Recording Live Tracks w/ Band!

by Steve ~ September 15th, 2010. Filed under: News.

This record is sounding AMAZING! We’ve recorded 15 songs in 4 days and are now into overdubs with the great Jack Douglas at the helm. Now that Sami & Karl are finished with their parts we’ve cleared the main recording room of all the bass drum gear so we can move around and do guitars & vocals without tripping over a bunch of crap. I just did my first overdubs; an open G tuned “Keef” rhythm part and a sweet, jangly theme on a ’56 Tele, compliments of Alex Bica.

It’s easy with Jack because you can pretty much relax and know that whatever you play is going to be recorded and mixed really well. If the part you’re playing isn’t strong enough or doesn’t belong on the record it won’t get past his ears.

At this moment, Jack is recording acoustic guitar played by Ginger (his instructions to the engineer – “Don’t overcompress it, just touch it”) on the same song I just worked on. I won’t tell you the name of the song yet, but let’s just say it’s got a bit of a twang to it and it may have a special guest appearance on it.

4 Responses to Finished Recording Live Tracks w/ Band!

  1. Timo

    Lemmy, indeed!

  2. Kristiina

    was just going to ask is this the one Lemmy visited on.. Steve- where there´s you, there´s bound to be twang 😀 can´t wait to hear the album!!

  3. Mo Hanoi247365

    The man with the twang…..

    Re the instructions – are you sure you guys didn’t get these instructions mixed up with the instructions for something else? Tee Hee Hee…….

  4. zig zag

    keef and twang, those two words alone are music to my ears!

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