And so it begins…

by Rich ~ September 7th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Day one in the studio has been a rip roaring, hit scoring success. Jack Douglas is the best producer I’ve ever worked with and the band all seem in obvious agreement. Four songs arranged, and ready to record, in one day is good going by anyones standards. We were hoping for three per day. Guess that puts us ahead of schedule by some healthy measure? If we get another four together today, and tomorrow, then the full week we had penciled in for pre production will be reduced to a mere 3 days, giving us an extra 4 days to pat each other on the back and laze around in Hollywood hills. except that we aren’t really in Hollywood hills, as advertised, but, instead, are staying in the ghetto in East LA. The guys are a little shocked at the innacuracy of the location info as advertised. I mean you CAN see the Hollywood sign from our place. On a clear day. With binoculars.

Still I LOVE it here. It’s a mansion in the middle of pit bull central. The funniest thing about the situation is that we were given rules of the house, prior to arrival, that included ‘keeping the noise down after 9:30pm’. Presumably this is so as not to disturb the neighborhood rap parties that go on until the early hours. Well, they did the night we got here anyway, too early to tell if this is a constant or they were just welcoming us to the hood.

Regardless, I love it here and would have this no other way. THIS is my LA experience, in all its spray painted, chrome rimmed glory.

Plus, I get to drive a vehicle almost too large to get into our driveway.

And we get to share the house with Jack douglas, who takes me and Steve to the gym every morning where Eric Roberts and Johnny Knoxville work out.

So, in summary, educational, cultural, inspirational, creative and health promoting. Quite unlike any LA trip I’ve ever taken in fact.

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  1. Anna Gable

    All but the rap sounds nice, especially of course that the work is in such good progress. Hope to see you guys in Helsinki in October, (just got tickets). Maybe you’ll play something more from the new material there? Good luck with the rest of the job, I’m sure it will be a killer album!

  2. shhhh relax


  3. Lisa Marie Farfalla

    HAHAHA!!! “It’s a mansion in the middle of pit bull central”… “This is my LA experience, in all its spray painted, chrome rimmed glory” I am LAUGHING so hard. I LOVE IT!!! You have to write a song about LA and use what you just said. BRILLIANT!!!!!!

  4. Jost Becker

    YEAH! Lisa-Marie is absolutely right, please write a song, it definitively will be a smasher and an all time favourite of mine…:-)
    And please, guys, after recording the new killer album, one day you have to play some shows in Germany!!!

  5. bobo

    turning american and why not as you sound very happy. can you drag the band to do UK dates, keep up the good work ginger. i lub your work and lub everything about anything, and your moodswings make mine look like putty, see you on your birhday old fucker

  6. Mo

    (The following to be said in deep sexy Big Brother female voice)
    Day 2 in the Big Brother House….Ginger comes to the diary room…….the housemates appear to have had a successful day in the studio. Ginger, the rules of the Big Brother house state clearly that there is no sleeping in the daylight hours. Big Brother wished to reflect the fact that you are in sunny LA whilst everyone else isn’t and decided that a rap wake up call played at any time as chosen by Big Brother was appropriate. Your personal task for this week, upon hearing the wake up call is to shout out to your housemates the following phrase –
    “I’m a geordie in wonderland”. You may now leave the diary room.

  7. Suff

    In a ghettooo… Yo

  8. Kristiina

    would make a great tv-show I´m sure.. 😛

  9. Chris

    Awesome news Ginger. Thanks for the update. Can hardly wait to hear the fruits of the Hollywood safari.

  10. Kurt A Van Daele

    That settles it then! 1st B-side single- “In the Ghetto” by Elvis.

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