1st Day @ Band House in LA!!

by Steve ~ September 6th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Hey all…we just got to LA to start working on the new MM record. We moved in to a sweet 6 bedroom house – Ginger, Michael & I have rooms next door to each other w/ Sami & Jack Douglas down the hall. We spent $400 on groceries yesterday @ Ralph’s and this morning we’re digging into it – coffee & breakfast downstairs. Ginger, Jack and I are getting ready to head to the gym now to kick this project off to a good start. I’ll keep ya all updated – I have a feeling this is gonna be a great day…and a GREAT record!!

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  1. kimi chaos

    good luck.-fuck the pain I´m still standing-

  2. Suff

    Hurrayh! I’m sure it’s gonna be a one helluwa record 😛

  3. kimi138

    hell yeah! keep us updated with this one, will you please…..pretty please with a sugar on a top

  4. Mo

    It’s Day One in the Big Brother House. ……..Steve comes to the diary room…….

  5. Steve

    Had a nice & easy 1st workout @ gym w/ Jack ‘n Ginger…next, a shower , lunch and then off to the studio for Day One!

  6. Mo

    Ha Ha Ha – that was good!!!!!!

    Big Brother says – whilst the boys were at the studio BB removed all hair products and mirrors from the BB House – will there still be harmony with no Harmony?!

    Let’s check back on Day two……

  7. Tomm

    What about Karl?

  8. Zig Zag

    this is one reality I would follow! Keep us posted!

  9. Minako

    Recording steadily?

  10. Steve

    not recording yet, just rehearsing the new songs w/ the producer.

  11. Minako

    Oh, I’m sorry I have mistaken…

  12. shhhh relax

    that’s a reality show I would sit glued to! Jersey Shore meets Big Brother meets Rock of Love meets Real Housewives of…. lol.

    Real life of Rock Stars… stay tuned!


    CAN’T WAIT!!!

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