by Rich ~ August 12th, 2010. Filed under: News.

A very special show will take place this Sunday as legendary Hanoi Rocks guitarist Nasty Suicide takes the stage with Michael Monroe in Ankkarock. Steve Conte, Michael’s regular guitarist, has had to cancel the show due to urgent family matters.

Frontman Michael Monroe comments on the upcoming show:

“Unfortunately Steve Conte had to fly home due to family reasons and so he cannot perform with us at Ankkarock. Luckily our dear friend Nasty agreed to get on stage with us. We are very grateful to Nasty and are looking forward to performing with him. It has been 15 years since me, Sami and Nasty last played a whole set together.”

Last weekend Michael Monroe performed at Summersonic, the biggest festival in Japan. The first night the band stirred up the audience in Osaka, after which Michael featured during Slash’s set. During the wild performance Michael Monroe broke two of his rib bones, but it did not prevent him from performing to tens of thousands of fans the next day in Tokyo.

“During the one song I performed with Slash, I fell down while running to greet the fans and managed to hit a metal pipe in the fence. I broke a few ribs but, however, performed with my own band the next day in Tokyo and will definitely play a full show in Ankkarock.”


  1. Bellatrix

    Noooo!!! And I cannot be there 🙁 Hope people will get lots of pics and videos for us unfortunate souls who won’t be able to see this.

  2. Timo

    So awesome!!

  3. NewTattoo

    Wow! Any chance of a DVD of this show? Shame I can’t make it.

  4. Jay

    Damn! I must go to work on weekend, so I can’t come to Korso. Maybe I can go later to GB and see your gig there.
    Have a good gig at Ankkarock!


  5. Kurt A Van Daele

    That’s pretty sweet! Good Luck to you Nasty. Maybe when Steve gets back you can pull an Iron Maiden and have Three guitarists! Can’t wait for the live CD. I’m sure it will Rock Like Fuck!! Take it easy (or any way you can get it)

  6. Goshin

    This would be an amazing opportunity to have almost all original Hanoi-members on stage since 1985. So Andy, why don’t you join for couple of songs?

  7. Marie

    I was so lucky to witness the Ankkarock gig and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

    Don’t know anything more awesome than screaming in Taxi Driver with Mike, Nasty and Sami. Best thing ever.

  8. Maria

    Oli upeaa nähdä Nasty, Mike ja Sami yhdessä! Jälleennäkemisen fiilis tuntui yleisössä asti, ja kaikin puolin mahtava keikka muutenkin!

  9. Miikka

    Thanks for the great show! It was so good to see Nasty on the stage and he really seemed to enjoy it.

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