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by Rich ~ August 30th, 2010. Filed under: News.

So the beautiful summer has come to an end, at least here in Finland.
That’s ok, it was a really nice one and I do love the fall as well.

The 2 Japanese Summer Sonic Festival gigs went great and we had a really good time in Japan as expected.
However, as most of you probably know, a little injury occurred during my guest appearance with Slash in Osaka. I sang one song with him, “We’re All Gonna Die”. During the guitar solo I ran along the aisle all the way to the mixing board, which I had already done a couple of times during my own show, but this time on my way back I slipped and fell, hitting my back on the metal barricade breaking 2 ribs.
I’ve never had a broken a rib before, so I didn’t know how it would feel. I just figured I had banged my back up real hard, so I just kept putting ice on it, but realized that I could only sleep laying on my back due to the pain.
The next day we took the Bullet Train straight to the festival in Tokyo, where I had interviews and stuff to do up until our showtime. This show was very important and I did the best I could despite the pain. After the show my level of physical discomfort told me it’s time to see the doctor. I went to the local hospital for exams and to have an x-ray taken. And sure enough, 2 ribs were not only fractured…but actually broken. In a way I’m glad I didn’t know this before the gig, since the knowledge of this might have slowed me down a bit. Anyway, everyone said the Tokyo show was even better than our great show in Osaka, so I must’ve succeeded in pulling it off pretty good.

After we got back to Finland, we spent the following week writing and recording demos at the Seawolf Studios on the Suomenlinna island, about a 15 minute ferry ride from the Helsinki harbour. We chose about 16 out of over 20 songs we had written for the record. The newest stuff sounds especially great, and we now have a pretty clear picture of what our new studio album will sound like. We sent the demos to our producer, the legendary Jack Douglas, who also loved the material and can’t wait to start digging into it with us. Needless to say, we’re all really excited about the recording sessions. We’re flying to LA this Sunday to get started and will record through September.

Our Ankkarock show on August 15th turned out pretty cool, against most odds. Apart from my broken ribs, we had another obstacle to overcome – Steve Conte’s wife had a serious medical emergency and Steve absolutely needed to be there for her and their kid. So, naturally the first guy we thought of to stand in for Steve was none other than our dear friend Nasty Suicide. Luckily, Nasty was able and willing to do this and it actually turned out to be quite an event, especially since me, Sami and Nasty had not played an entire show together on stage for about 15 years. It was a lot of fun for everyone. Ginger was excited too, saying that this is probably the closest he’ll get to playing a show with almost all the original members of Hanoi Rocks. We had 2 rehearsals at the end of 2 of our demo session days and we were ready to rock! Nasty handled it like the pro that he is. Ginger did a fantastic job too, covering a lot of Steve’s lead parts etc. as well as his own. I did my best with the broken ribs, trying hard not to cause any further damage.
Of course it was frustrating to me, having to be so careful on stage, as it limited my performance quite a bit from my usual “reckless wildness”, but people seemed to enjoy it all the same. I’m glad we were also able to play a little longer than our usual festival set, to make up for it. I want to thank all of you in the audience for being so supportive and understanding.

On Friday, the 20th I played a little acoustic gig at the “Rock’n’Roll Bar” in Lohja, which was cool and fun. The place was packed with a lot of nice people and I actually dig doing that sort of thing once in a while for a change.
Next time I’ll try to make sure my acoustic show will be a bit more publicized, so that more of you may attend, if possible. So far I’ve been a little apprehensive about doing them, but they’ve gone pretty well and people seem to enjoy themselves so why not, right?

At this stage I finally got to rest my weary broken bones at home. It’s still gonna be a while ’til I’m completely healed, but I’m well on the way to recovery and already looking forward to our up and coming shows later this fall.

And I can’t wait to start working on our new album with the band and Jack Douglas – it’s definitely gonna be a killer!!

In the meantime, enjoy our new live album “Another Night In The Sun” coming out at the end of September!

Love & Peace,


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  1. Helen 'Monroe' Rutter

    Thank you for sharing your news Michael, I hope you are feeling much better xxxx

  2. Steven G

    I once did a West coast tour with cracked ribs I got from a fight in Kansas City with my guitar player/the cops. Makes it hard to lift a 4×12 Orange cabinet. So yeah I can’t imagine what it feels like when they’re actually broken.

    I’m looking forward to the new record, maybe I’ll run into ya while you’re in L.A. Wishful thinking.


  3. Lisanne

    Sorry to hear about your injury Michael. I wish you a speedy recovery so you are able to record your new album in fine health! It has been many years since your last visit to Toronto and hope to see you and the guys here soon. Toronto, Canada would embrace you with big hugs and one helluva ROCKIN’ spirit that we are waiting for. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Be safe and well.

    Daniel & I would love to keep you posted on our clothing line launching soon. Yourself & many 80s Glam Bands have been an inspiration for making this happen. Thank you darlin’.

    Love & Peace to you & the band!

    XO Lisanne

  4. Naoka

    I went to Makuhari, Tokyo, Summer Sonic. You gave us cool performance and we didn’t know your ribs ware broken. But it was the greatest gig I’ve ever seen! We’re so exited, and you are great super rock n’ roller! I hope to listen new album soon. Please come back to Japan again with your fixed ribs and new album.

  5. nicko

    very well done peace

  6. Veronica

    Hope you’re feeling better – I once cracked two ribs at a Hanoi Rocks gig 20 odd years ago – got rammed against the barriers !! So I know how painful it is

  7. atomicenergy

    Sorry to hear about your broken ribs & I’m glad you are recovering well, I can’t wait to hear your new recordings & I’m very happy that all your shows went well 🙂 maybe you guys could bring a show to Denver Colorado, we definitely don’t see enough of you here!!! With lots of love, Jessica

  8. Neil

    kEEP ON kEEPING On Michael !!! Looking forward to you Guys on the Motorhead Tour.

  9. kimi138

    fuck, im dying to hear that new material, how about some demo leak…?

  10. Timo

    I understand if you dont want all screaming fanatic little girls on your acoustic gigs, but could just maeby be possible that one of those shows would be underaged?

    I would kill to see one of those shows, but im only 15 and i fear 3 years of waiting might be too long…

  11. Stray-CAT

    I am writing this message from Japan.
    One of my friends went to Summer Sonic 2010 (Tokyo) and she said your gig was great and wild as usual. I’m surprised to hear that you have broken two ribs and performed that wild gig.
    We (my friend and I) are looking forward to getting& listening to your new album.
    Please take care of yourself.

    Thank you,

  12. Frank Secich

    Hello Michael,

    \I hope you’re feeling better & getting well. Just wanted to stop by and say “hello”. It’s been a long time.

    All the best,


  13. Sami

    Good luck healing those ribs. I’m waiting for you to give us one hell of a show in Oulu on October 22nd.

  14. Minako

    How’s your injury? Does it feel better?
    I booked your new live album. It’s been so many years since I had bought and listened yours… I’m looking forward a wonderful album to get!
    Please take care of yourself.
    I admire you.

  15. Angus

    Hey Michael & co,
    Just a wee little request for the UK tour…Not all of us are lucky to have jobs or money,so can’t afford the £32.50 it costs to come and see you guys play with Motorhead in London….any chance of a small club gig, just Michael Monroe band….??? Would be appreciated sooooo much…

  16. raffe

    Ankkarock was good one (but for me seein a few gigs of yours before not great) but the soundman was totally lost in da city 🙁 It was wonderfu to see sam and nasty,havin’ ablast there ”cause i haven’t seen those two geezers together before!! You could see from the eyes,they were ENJOYING it,a lot 🙂 with a fucked-up ribs,you did a great job,but ofcourse it did some damage…Still, you’re the man,the best i’ve seen and will see, and i know with the new album,your star will rise to the level you deserve! Now you got the right guys next to you and the music sounds GREAT!!!

    take care and do the killer album (i know you will,ei mun tarvi teille kertoo ;))


  17. Peace N Hope

    […] Hi ya! « Michael Monroe We're so exited, and you are great super rock n' roller! I hope to listen new album soon. Please come back to Japan again with your fixed ribs and new album. nicko says: August 31, 2010 at 11:53 AM. very well done peace Veronica says: . […]

  18. Minako

    * *
    ゚ ゚
    ゚ ゚

  19. Aly Star

    Oh I hope you feel better now man.
    Ive bin talking to simone stenfors reecently. she says hi f you remember her (:
    x x x

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