Another night in the sun

by Michael ~ August 1st, 2010. Filed under: News.
Hey there!

Hope you’ve all had a nice summer so far.  It’s certainly been nice and hot in Finland with a record breaking heatwave. I love it!

The gigs have been good and our songwriting is moving along pretty nicely.

We did the Peace & Love Festival in Sweden on July 3rd, and our dear friend Nasty Suicide came along and of course jammed with us too.  That was great fun, as always with Nasty.  We all love him dearly.
Before driving to Borlänge for the festival, me, Sami and Nasty actually stopped by at THE Cafe Avenue in Stockholm (on Kungsgatan) to reminisce the early Hanoi days when we were living homeless there in the streets.
Cafe Avenue was one of our regular hangouts.

After Sweden we took the ferry over to Helsinki.
There we did a special show for people from our Fan Club and Street Teams, plus some friends we invited, at the Tavastia Club on July 6th, and actually recorded a live album.
We decided that we wanted to capture our current live set on record – something to hold the fans over until our actual studio album will be released early next year.
Apart from my solo stuff and Demolition 23, etc., we’re also including live versions of two of our new songs; “You’re Next” and “Motorheaded For A Fall”.

As the case often is with live recordings, you always feel like the one you recorded is not the best show.  Of course the next couple of shows we did after that one, we performed some of the songs better, or at least we felt like we did… But anyway – no excuses; it is what it is and will probably end up sounding great with all its clunks and flaws, once it’s mixed and finished. Obviously we’re not doing any overdubs, so you’ll have a very raw “rough and ready-or-not” live recording of another rockin’ night in the sun in the beautiful Finnish summer.  The album will be released at the end of September.  I’m sure you all will appreciate it!

The rest of the week we spent in Turku, doing a few days of songwriting, which was very productive.
Then there was the 40th anniversary of Turku’s legendary Ruisrock Festival.  We played there on Saturday night (July 10th) and I thought it was a good show.  Maybe a bit hectic, but good and energetic.

The next and final day of Ruisrock (Sunday), I was excited to go and see Slash and his new band.  It was really great to hook up and hang out with Slash, since I haven’t seen him for a long time in person.  He is such a super nice guy and an absolutely fantastic guitar player!  He’s just got it all.  I think his new record is great, my favorites are Iggy’s “We’re All Gonna Die” and Lemmy’s “Doctor Alibi”.  There’s something for everyone on that record and I thought it was a smart idea to use all the different lead singers.  I really enjoyed his show and thought the band played great.  Myles Kennedy did a very good job singing the GN’R and Velvet Revolver songs as well as the new stuff.
Slash invited me up to sing a couple of songs with him and I was happy when he suggested we do Iggy’s “We’re All Gonna Die” from his record, as that was already one of my faves.  As the second song we decided to do Hanoi’s version of “Up Around The Bend”, as we thought that would be a nice extra treat for the fans.  Sure enough, we had a blast together on stage and the crowd loved it too!  It was a great pleasure and a privilege to jam with him and his band and I hope we can do it again soon.

The weekend after that we played at Tammerfest in Tampere and at Simerock in Rovaniemi.  Both of them were great shows, that we all really enjoyed.

On July 23rd I went to see one of my heroes, John Fogerty play at the Pori Jazz Festival in the city of Pori.  His drummer, Kenny Aronoff is a good friend of mine and one of the absolute best drummers in the world!  The show was fantastic, as expected, and I had a great time hanging with Kenny and the rest of the band.  There I also met the President Of Finland, Tarja Halonen, who is a John Fogerty fan as well.  She’s a very cool person and the hippest Finnish President ever.  I’m proud of the fact that we have a female President, who does such a great job.

The following day I played a special acoustic show at the “Old Texas” Club in Kaarina, about 20 minutes drive outside Turku.  Just me, an acoustic guitar and a little blues harp.
It was a bit “low profile”, as it was a kind of an experiment for me.  I don’t usually do actual acoustic solo gigs.  I’ve only done a short set at a couple of private gatherings over the past year, or so.
Happily, this turned out to be quite a pleasant, fun experience and people really liked it too.  So much so, that I ended up playing over two hours.  I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime…
Of course I still love doing the electric shows with my band the best, but it was nice to do this kind of a thing for a change too.

So, this week we’re off to Japan for the Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka and Tokyo.  I can hardly wait, it’s gonna be great to finally present this band live to the wonderful Japanese people!

All the best, love, joy and sunshine!

*Michael Monroe*

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  1. kris head

    Absolutely awesome Michael! don’t suppose you’ll be doing some small acoustic sets around the time of the motorhead tour in the uk? would love to catch one in southampton/london…

  2. Mika Tamminen

    Great to see you perform at Ruisrock specially with Slash. Almost brought tears to my eyes when you went on with Up around, Tragedy would´ve done it that was one Hell of a performance. You and Slash together just took the others there back to school.
    And Great to hear you´re dragging Nasty with ya, 😉
    Would´ve loved to seen you at Old Texas but somehow missed it, that would´ve been something special to see you acoustic, but maybe that will happen some other time !!?
    Michael you surely rock better than ever, great form !

  3. Paula Crazy finnfan

    awesomely long post.
    thanks Michael.
    And Tavastia that you recorded was awsome(regards from frontrower).
    I cant say nothing but Awesome and thank you

  4. Anna Gable

    The show in Borlänge was very good, a fantastic warm and fine evening, and cool that Nasty came on stage too (it was my birthday 🙂 thanks so much for playing “Hammersmith Palais” btw!). Haha, Avenyn in Stockholm, that’s where I still go a lot too, after the cinema, or for a good veggie lunch (thay have a lot to choose from!), it’s a nice place.

    I’m really looking forward to the live album, please post as soon as it can be pre-ordered!

    Here’s a photo, in 1024 pixels, of the three “old” Hanoi friends from Peace and Love. It’s free to download the picture if anyone wants it, and to use it as a background on the computer or things like that, as long as you don’t remove the watermark. (I posted some more photos from that concert to Michael Monroe’s Facebook.)

    Good luck rocking Japan!


    PS The Slash album is really great, but I’m sure the new Michael Monroe album will rock as good – or even better! Can’t wait.

  5. Suff

    Good luck to Japan and have phun! Always wanted to go there :O

  6. Timo

    Thanks for this summer!

  7. Miikka

    Thanks for the great post, Michael! The show on Tavastia that was recorded was absolutely brilliant and even on “Michael-scale” it was VERY energic and the best so far I’ve ever seen. I wish I’ll hear sometimes an acoustic set.

  8. Laura

    I love that you are posting us updates of what you are doing Michael. I am too far away to see you in concert, but I feel like I have gotten a little touch of what it is like to see you live just from your wonderful descriptions. 🙂 I am so glad that Nasty played with you and Sami. What a treat! You all look so great, I have missed a very good show. And I really REALLY wish I could have seen your acoustic set. That would have been the MOST amazing thing ever.

    Thanks so much for sharing this,
    Wishing you the best always,
    Laura. 🙂

  9. Mo

    Hey there! You’ve been busy! Great to hear that there’s a live album coming soon. As for the recording, we all LOVE your “clunks and flaws” – that’s what makes it so much fun! Have a great time in Japan – somehow I don’t think you’re gonna see your house from there! Looking forward to seeing you live again in Glasgow with Motorhead. Mo x

  10. Just another Visitor

    Good to hear from you again, Michael. Keep on posting these things. Great fun to read. 🙂

    Gotta love you energy level! Here’s those two aforementione songs from Ruisrock with Slash’s band >

  11. Tomoka

    Hello from Japan!! I’ve seen you in the concert at Shibuya for 3years ago, and now I can’t wait to see you again in Tokyo!!!

    Many Japanese love you. Have a nice trip!!!

  12. Pirate lover

    Hi Legend,it’s cool to hear from you. Can’t wait to see you again in London. Are you interesting in produce a band? Once i read in a interview you are open to proposes because until today nobody ask you for that! So…How can it’s posible contact with you or your manager? Regards, actually you got one of the best bands in the world.

  13. Minako

    It’s too hot and muggy here,how are you doing?
    I ca’t come to see the show for my parent’s condition get worse,but wish you good luck. Have a great time. When you come to Japan next time with new album, I might come to see your show….
    So, did you played with Slash on his show? Are you going to play again today? I miss that too.

  14. miyoko ramone

    No one was able to defeat you yesterday.
    you were AWESOME!

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