Summer greetings!

by Michael ~ June 19th, 2010. Filed under: News.

First of all, I want say a big Thank You for all your lovely Birthday wishes and greetings!  It’s ever so sweet and kind of you and it does mean a lot to me!
So what am I now…48 years wiser?.. i’d like to think so…more experienced…actually just a day older than the day before…
Well, 2 years away from being 50…should I worry about that..?  Certainly not!  In about 10 or 20 years I’ll be looking back at this time, thinking how great it was being this young.
Besides, these are, in a lot of ways, some of the best years of my life, so I’d be foolish not to savour them.  I’ll just try my best to make the most of every moment.

The “Festival Summer” has gotten off to a pretty good start.
At least we have been lucky with the weather at our gigs so far (knock on wood).
We did our first Festival show on June 5th in Helsinki, at the “Helsinki Live, One Day Festival”, as one of the opening acts for Guns N’ Roses.
None of the other bands were willing to play the first slot, so we figured what the hell, we’ll do it.  The day doesn’t get that much darker over here anyway this time of year and it sure was a nice way to spend the afternoon.
I was happy to see that a nice amount of people had showed up for us so early in the day.
The Guns guitarist, Richard Fortus is a good friend as well as Dizzy Reed and the drummer Frank Ferrer, so we had a nice time hanging with them the night before and the day of the show.
In fact, one of our new songs, “Another Night In The Sun” was co-written with Richard Fortus – therefore I dedicated that song to Richard when we played it.

I’d never seen Skunk Anansie before and I must say I was pretty impressed.  Cool stuff…

It was nice to see Danko Jones again too, he’s such a nice, cool guy.  Last time I ran into him was in Austin at SXSW at Lemmy’s movie premiere.
He was telling me how impressed he had been with me a couple of years ago at a Festival in Spain.  I was walking with crutches because of a badly torn ligament in my left ankle, but it didn’t stop me from going all out for it, when I did my show.  Surely doing that and many other gigs around that time didn’t help the recovery process, and once you’ve torn a ligament it’s always gonna be a bit loose and a likely reoccuring nuisance.

Speaking of which, funnily enough, my left ankle did feel a bit “funny” after the show in Helsinki, but I thought nothing of it.  I do remember twisting it at one point of the show, because of the new shoes I was wearing, but due to my adrenalin level, I never notice these things until hours later.  Before going to bed that night,  I noticed that the ankle was a bit swollen and sore.  So much so, that I decided to have a doctor take a look at it the next day.  Sure enough, it was the old ligament again.  Not as bad as it was the first time, 2 years ago, but bad enough for me to have a plastic support bandage on it and having to walk with a crutch.  I was also prescribed  some anti-inflammatory painkillers and the doctor ordered me to rest the leg and keep an icepack on it as often as possible.  This felt like a very frustrating setback, especially with the Sweden Rock and Download gigs coming up in the following few days.
During the days in between we worked on new songs together with the band and came up with some great stuff again.

Sweden Rock turned out to be cool and fun.  During the day,  before the show, we did a few interviews and a photo shoot plus a “meet & greet” session with the fans, which was nice.
I wrapped up my injured ankle very tightly with 2 support bandages on top of each other and tied up my moccasin over it, so that it could not be twisted, even if I tried.
As a pleasant surprise I found that doing the show wasn’t as hard and painful as I had expected. Much delighted by this and by the great audience we had, I did an extra energetic show.  Thanks again to the crowd – you truly rocked!  Maybe I was overcompensating because of the ankle, since according to the guys, I was actually moving more than I normally do on stage.  So, maybe I should hurt my ankle more often then…(ha,ha).
The band was really on fire too and we all felt great about the show afterwards.  I was very relieved, knowing that I could do the show without my ankle being too much of a handicap.
Of course I try my best to be careful not to hurt it more and possibly make it even worse…but…let’s face it, I just can’t stop myself once I’m up there doing it.

Oh, one of my best friends and favorite persons in the world, Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul) was at Sweden Rock too, doing an acoustic gig, and of course we had a blast hanging out ’til late at night afterwards.  I just love that guy!

So, off to the U.K. for Download.
This was interesting because I, for one, had never been there before.  I’d only heard stories over the years about Donington “Monsters Of Rock” etc., but never had I played there, until now.
Our Finnish friends HIM were at the same backstage area with us and it was nice to see Ville and the fellas, plus of course the legendary Seppo Vesterinen, their manager, who was the manager for the original Hanoi Rocks. 
He’s a great guy and always fun to hang and talk with.  We did go thru a lot back in the days…
Oh, I did spot Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath guitarist) there and I had to go and say hello.  After all, it was watching Black Sabbath “Live In Paris” on our black & white TV back in 1970, that made me wanna become a singer when I was about 8 years old.

There were a few hours worth of interviews and then the show.
Considering that we were up against “Rage Against The Machine” on the mainstage and “30 Seconds To Mars”, I think we did well.  We had a nice crowd and they seemed very much into it.
As a special treat, I invited Ginger’s son Jake (9 years old) to play the tambourine on Dead, Jail Or Rock’n’Roll, and no doubt he stole the show.
My ankle held up ok and I managed not to hurt myself any more this time.
Once again, Thanks to the great crowd and the fans – we absolutely love you!

So now…a couple of weeks chance to rest up and recover, then off to Sweden for “Peace & Love” on July 3rd and then good old “Ruisrock” in my hometown Turku on the 10th.

I wish you all the greatest of summers and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the shows.

Other than that…it’s great to be 48!!!

Love, Peace & Rock’n’Roll,


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  1. Garfield

    Hi Mike and thanx for your time to write to us again!
    If I should name one rock star who cannot be stopped I would say You!
    And what I mean is that you can do a h*ll of a show even injured! It cannot stop you anytime 🙂 I wish I could have your energy level.

  2. Helena

    Rest your ankle now and I’ll see you at Peace&Love. Happy birthday (even though it has already been) =)

  3. Vanilla

    <3 <3 <3

  4. Andrea

    Hi Mike, you really rocked at Download! My main reason for going! 🙂 You and Sami both have had such a huge influence on me for ages, finally getting to see you guys play live really made my summer (and the whole year to)! Thanks for the amazing show and keep rocking like I know you will!!

  5. Katie

    Hi Michael, it’s great to hear from you! I hope your ankle will be alright. I can’t wait to see you at Ruisrock!

  6. fopp

    Hola chicos!

    Here one from Spain. I remember reading or listening in somewhere that you were with the crutches in the streets of Vitoria in that Spannish festival (Azkena Rock Fest, I think that same day played the Sex Pistols), but I thought it was only one of those “rock n’roll street stories”. I remember I arrived nearby 5 PM to that fest and Hanoi was just starting a short set and you were in the top of the stage structure,haha (I have some photos somewhere). Brilliant show! And as you say, it was true that you where injuried. Incredible man, have to thank you for that show! Well, for all the shows overall! I was also this year and Donington, and probably my favorite show was Michael Monroe’s. And in that festival played AC/DC, Motörhead, Enuff Z’Nuff or Aerosmith! By the way, remember to do a couple of shows in Spain, uh?

    Good wishes for the tour and for the album,


  7. Amazing John

    Hi Mike,

    It’s so nice that you have time to write here. Keep on rocking and please be careful when you climb up the set!

  8. Atabal

    Happy birthday, Michael!

    Yeah! Spain is waiting for you! It’s been two long years since the last time we show you with Hanoi Rocks and the new band is also great! Hope our dream may come true.

    Never change, Michael. There are only a few people like you in rock ‘n’ roll circus.

  9. Jost Becker

    Hey Michael, thank you so much for 30 years of pure Rock`n`Roll energy! And obviously Rock`n`Roll keeps you away from getting old – just like myself… 🙂 I always loved the old Hanoi Rocks stuff (and afterwards your solo stuff) and was very glad when Hanoi Rocks came back for three really great new albums. I was sad when I heard that Hanoi Rocks broke up again but now I`m just waiting for your next solo album together with Ginger and Co! It must be great, and it will be great, for sure. So I hope you will come on tour to Germany, too, supported by the great newcomers Stalingrad Cowboys! I saw some videos of you performing together and it was really cool! Hope to see your show and…. just rock on forever! Cheers! Joey

  10. Akiko

    too late writing… but, Happy Birthday ♪ Michael. I was born on June 17, too! I’m so lucky! happy! 🙂

  11. Akiko

    oh dear Mike!! you met Tony Iommi and your 8 age’s dreams come true just now and the future… it’s really awesome!!!! Michael, i respect you as a human and artist… with love.♥♥♥ thank you so much your Summer-Greetings!!!!

  12. Minako

    How’s your ankle? Does it feel better?

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