by Rich ~ May 22nd, 2010. Filed under: News.

It’s finally happening. After almost 4 weeks of cardio, diet, exercise and abstinence the belly fat has almost finally dispersed. I am positive that the next 8 weeks will reveal the mythical six pack underneath the years of beer, junk food and sitting around backstage waiting for something to happen.

They say that middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle. In that case I’m entering a new stage of youth.

Oscar Wilde said that youth is wasted on the young. Well I say that age IS the new youth.

It’s a new revolution people, and, as always, the choice to make a difference is ours.


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  1. Sipowicz

    You go Ginger! Great to see someone making healthy changes! I saw your show in Helsinki on April 1st, and honestly you were sweating a lot during the show, but I thought that was because of the leather jacket you kept on the whole time 🙂 Lose the belly, but don’t lose the sweaty r’n’r!!! 🙂

  2. Kerry Bowler

    Jesus, you’ll be wearing a leotard next!

  3. Susanne

    I agree, keep working out! There is a lot of funny things you can do to stay in shape. and you get so much back. Looking forward to see and hear your new band!
    Susanne 🙂

  4. Salami Snake

    Well done!! Now i got inspiration to start a new life too. The last 5 years i´ve been drinking beer almost every day & lots of junk food.
    Let´s get young once more!!

  5. Kendall

    Awesome man….it’s a whole new phase of life. You looked and sounded great in NYC. I’m very happy you’re in good health and will be around a long time. What you bring to rock music is very unique and appreciated.

    I’ve been a fan of your songwriting a long time and Michael Monroe has been a favorite of mine for a long time, so this group is truly a “super group” for me. The couple of new songs you guys played were fantastic.

  6. fopp

    Hey, another one here with changes in progress (hoping for a better). Changes, never easy. One month ago found myself with almost zero energy, after a long time wasting it. Pause. Recovery. After this month without smoking and without endless parties (yeah, 1 month without that. Incredible!) last night I had my proof of fire – another party. Being tired this time around about ALWAYS doing destroyer things to feel I “really” was “rocking”. Yesterday night arrived a time when I told myself, “OK, it’s been nice, but it’s right now when the party is finished for me!” Not only told myself, but did it! And it felt great! On the other hand, can’t never leave rock n’ roll, or rock n’roll music if you prefer, and this last month arrived a time where I found myself watching Iggy Pop or Jason And The Scorchers without drinking heavily and smoking one cig after another. What seemed almost impossible a few time ago, really happened to find myself enjoying MORE than ever those two concerts. Conclusion: rock is still inside, but inside is feeling better. Enjoy.

  7. Chris

    Ginger. i’m one week into a similar attack. good to know it actually makes a difference. Thanks man. keep rocking and get back to Texas…soon!

  8. AGE

    So many AGE`s in your message . To me Funny/PS. JOY to the world!

  9. Randy

    Way to go Ginger. In a similar boat, myself. Been on a strict diet/exercise regime for the past 3 weeks, feel sore but also feel way more alert and healthy. Starting to feel years younger than my mid-40s, for sure. Keep it up!!!

  10. Mike

    Good on you mate, just don’t go over. Kerouac turned his back on what he enjoyed and we all know what they did to him. Live long and keep kicking out the jams Biggun!

  11. Timo

    Very great, glad you maked it!

  12. Minako

    I don’t mean to kid around,but I will tell you my e-mail adress so that you can access whenever.

  13. Minako

    The thing I have been worried about was really happened– be laughed at , make fun of… It’s my fault to try to come back. No more randam pics. It’s too much!!

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