Gratitude And The Secret Room

by Rich ~ May 12th, 2010. Filed under: News.

I think I just severed a main artery in my face from shaving. There’s blood pumping out like a busted NYC water hydrant. And although I don’t feel the onset of imminent death approaching I’d still like to take this moment to express something that’s bugging me. Just in case…

Gratitude. Being thankful for the small stuff.

I like to think of myself as a gracious guy. Well mannered, appreciative and supportive for the most part. Still, I share a tendency, with many other people of the world, that dictates that I diligently and rigorously eliminate every mission from my mental, daily list before I think about what’s actually going on. And so, with the intent of an angry bluebottle, I buzz around tending to chores that seem deathly important. Maybe it’s just the actual list that’s important? Maybe I’ll lose points with myself if I reach bedtime with unfinished business? Things is, the list is usually way too long for Superman to complete in 24 hours, or if it gets completed I stick a few incidentals on the end like reading an article I’ve been saving, or making another list for tomorrow.

Man, this is a squirter. Just got back from the gym. I’m wearing white socks. They’re dappled with red spots. Soon they will be red socks dappled with white spots….

Two weeks into my clean and sober exercise and diet regime (which is going great, btw- feeling alert, lively, light and happy…it’s something definitely worth trying if you’re feeling a little heavy in the spirits, it’s free and relatively easy, get in touch if you wanna know more) and I’m noticing patience playing a large role in the addictive nature of getting healthy. When ones body is healthy ones mind tends to spot more angles that previously apparent. And patience is easier to practice when faced with a few options, y’know? Like, when I’m feeling lazy I tend to jump to the first knee jerk reaction that leaps to mind, but when, however, I’m relaxed I seem able to see not only the other persons side but also the third, and most important side: the truth. Being relaxed and being lazy are two very different things, like sleep and unconsciousness.

Damn, I hope I don’t get charged for these sheets. Looks like Hannibal Lecter has spent the night in my room….

I feel very thankful for the friends I have that make the sharing of this life such an essential experience. They bring smiles that extend joy beyond it’s time limit. Writing with the band this week has definitely proved to be an invaluable and enjoyable time of bonding and good humour. Sharing our common love for specific music, namely late ’70’s UK punk rock and Cheap Trick, the new songs are written in the key of joy. Youthful joy that need never leave your life, whatever age you find your birth certificate claiming you ought to be.

Jeebus, he stops for a few seconds then he’s gushing away again. Sneaky little bastard this one. Waits until I’ve taken the towel away then it’s off again with rabid red abandon…..

Then there is the love for the family. A bone strong bond that is also as brittle as you want it to be. I’ve realised that the reason why family is so important is because of your own involvement. It is no bigger than your belief in it. Your place in it. Your dedication and commitment to it. Family is everything because you are everything, and when you feel like nothing then family will pump you up with goodness and love. Even when they drive you nuts.

Drip, drip, pour, drip, drip, pour…

I should also mention that I love every rain fearing nutcase on the streets of New York who threaten my eyes with gratuitous umbrella usage as they force me off the sidewalk into the sea of speeding yellow cabs. I suspect that these people are not convinced that they’re entirely waterproof and so hide from each tiny sprinkle of water at the end of a rainfall with a grim determination bordering on survivalism. With them I share this crazy experience, this love for this wonderful city, in gratitude and pride. Often we take for granted too many of the very things that mean the most to us. We figure we’ll express our love and gratitude tomorrow, or sometime, as it’ll/they’ll still be there. We assume it can wait. This is a risky assumption and one worth paying attention to, whenever we remember to. Whenever we reach the end of a list, or are forcibly reminded by a potentially fatal eyeball/umbrella interface.

How about we express our gratitude today? How about we unlock that secret room you keep your thanks in?

How about you tell someone you love them today? Right here, right now!

Do it. Go on! Call someone, or turn to the person you’re with and tell them you love them and/or you’re thankful for them.

You’ll be surprised at how amazingly easy, yet breathtakingly effective it is.

It’s all about thanks. Once you say ‘thank you’ you’ll understand.

It’s all about love. Once you say ‘I love you’ you’ll understand.

Is that the angels I hear, or just another noisy assed New York fire engine?

Drip, drip drip…

15 Responses to Gratitude And The Secret Room

  1. Bellatrix

    I sure wish I could find this state of mind too. Feel like I’m being consumed by things I cannot control and don’t seem to be able to get a grip. It’s so great to read these posts. Keep them coming. Hope it’s contagious 🙂

  2. 1Guvnor

    It’s amazing how three little words “I Love You” make such a difference. I just read the post and told my girly i loved her and how much she meant to me. Her smile was electric and reminded me of just why i fell in love with her.

  3. Scott

    Perfect headspace to be in!

  4. kristiina

    Ginger: Thank You. And I love You.

    Also I love and want to thank :

    God Almighty
    My Family
    My friends
    My Gym
    All those who are my inspiration

    Day 13 of smokefree life. Grateful, oh yes I am.

  5. Cris


    That Superman list and the consequences of going to sleep with unfinished business has been the crucial point of many therapy sessions…

    Sure taking the time off to read this was worth it, thanks!

  6. Debbie V

    Ginger, I am always telling my family/friends that I love them and that they are SO important to me.
    I do have a very blessed life, which I do my best to live to the full.
    Because of you, your wonderful music and your ultimate patience with me when we meet I have made a lot of ‘musical’ friends too. I love my life and even more importantly, the people around me that make my life so good.
    Thank you and I love you too – always! 🙂 xx

  7. J.A.G.

    Wonderfully expressed. Just about to shave meself, this a.m. May 13th, will be extra cautious and considerate of all those whov’e meant so much to me in years past, in love and especially in music, but then also: often times both. Cheers mate.
    Gratitude’s the Attitude
    Makes me a Glad ol’dude

  8. Onerva

    Thank You.

  9. AGE


  10. UncleTodd

    Hope you didn’t bleed out!–lol
    very well written Ginger–taking me a moment or 3 to let it all sink in—but you’re right on all points.
    can’t wait to hear the new material–anyone influenced by Cheap Trick is a very smart person–lol

  11. JJ Dynamite

    So you’re a list-maker.. yikes. The herpie of all the OCDs =/.
    Good luck with that, but enjoy the energy upgrade–that s**t is contagious! Appreciation is the most fortifying portion of the daily diet; today’s short-list includes artichoke hearts, The Greatest Parking Spot Of All Time, and 2 angels.

    Fwd’ing Hello Kitty Band Aids, stat. Kindly limit your future use of sharpened objects. Thank you.


  12. manon

    Splish, Splash, Splat!

  13. AGE

    Missuderstood,first timer in Net tryeing to learn how to do this thing if i am too old to this thing i have to say goodbye sadly but no harm done luv! and pease (guote!rock like fuck!)

  14. Andrew

    This is my first read of any of your Blog updates, nice to hear you’re going smokefree etc.
    Thanking people for the impact and influence they’ve had, well I had better start right here. Thank you Michael! xx <3

    PS: I cut myself shaving the other day, right before a really important party, had to go to the party with a tissue pressed against my face, needless to say the girls avoided me!! :'( lol

  15. Minako

    When I was 15 years old, telling”I love you” was as easy as saying”Hello”… But now..

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