Early Times: Rock ‘n’ Soul…

by Steve ~ May 9th, 2010. Filed under: News.

So…I’m like, 7 or 8 years old, living just outside of Buffalo, NY where the big radio station, WKBW does this show called “Name It, Claim It” in which they drop the needle somewhere in the middle of a record for about 2 seconds and you have to call and tell them what song it is. If you win they send you a record of their choice. Now, the precocious kid that I am, I’m listening to the radio intensely all day actually thinking I could win this kind of contest ’cause after all…I’m a DRUMMER!

Well, they play this piece of a song, almost indistinguishable, no lyric or singing…just an instrumental bit, real creepy and drenched in reverb. But I just knew the “sound” of it. I ran to the phone and called the station (i actually was the first person to call in, which i couldn’t believe!) and in my high pitched little kid voice i squealed-


– and I won! They announced my name on the radio and said they’d be sending me my prize (a 45 rpm record). I only had a few singles back then and wore out both sides of everything (I knew “Everybody’s Next One” as well as I knew it’s A-side- “Born To Be Wild”). I admit I wasn’t too psyched about the prospect of getting an Arthur Brown single…I would much rather have a Beatles or Buckinghams or Lemon Pipers record but what the hell, music was music back then (plus, my parents didn’t have any rock albums at that time, only Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’66, Sinatra, Nancy Wilson, etc.)

About a week later a package comes in the mail and in a mad rush I open it. It’s on Epic records, the yellow label with the black logo…and what is this? It’s not The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (thank God) it’s-


That was the beginning of my musical education right there folks. From that first snare drum roll it was all over for me. The Beatles and then Sly…melody and soul. I still have that 45 in my collection and though within that same year I put a big crack in it from edge to center hole, it’s still playable and I’ll never let it leave my possession!

Luv (N’ Haight) –

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  1. Timo

    Very awesome story!!

  2. Suff

    Wow! “Cool story bro”

  3. Jedi

    Cool story.
    I wish i could remember my first album but no…

  4. Rants In The Cellar

    Right on! Sly & The Family Stone is the ultimate R&R-experience, and they’re not even what most people call “R&R”! Just goes to show there are no rules or borders. What an epiphany that must have been!

  5. David

    What a great story Steve! Well i’m so much younger, but it reminds me how i found my first rock records such as Psycho Circus and Dynasty by KISS back in 98′ when i was 8. It was love at first sight, I throw away all the Michael Jackson, Kelly Family MCs etc.. But i still think that Kelly Family is kind of cool haha 😀 Keep on Rockin’ dudes

  6. David

    And Hey anybody who manage forum, please activate my registration under name “David” thx

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