Back in the Nu Yawk groove

by Rich ~ May 26th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Hey, hey, whaddaya say!
Back home now. I must say it was great to be “back in the New York groove” for a couple of weeks. I just love that city, no matter how much it has changed over the years.
I think we made a bit of a splash over there, we certainly had some good times.

Playing at the John Varvatos store (ex-CBGB’s) was pretty special and fun.
Quite a few friends showed up, like Debbie Harry, Mick Rock, Arturo Vega, Bobby Steele, etc., lots of nice people I hadn’t seen for a long time.
The show was cool, we played about 45 minutes and added “Kick Out The Jams” to the encore for Mr. Varvatos, as he’s a Detroit guy, very much into the MC5.
The place still has a certain vibe, due to its history, that will probably never go away. Apart from the Ramones, I was especially feeling the Stiv Bators/Dead Boys vibe.
Some of Stiv’s ashes were scattered on the CBGB’s stage (as his wish) and he used to do some wild shows there back in the days, bleeding amongst other things.
Funnily enough, I managed to split my head open on the monitor above me (about the third time I hit it), so I did some bleeding of my own – in the spirit of Stiv Bators and Iggy Pop.

The Highline Ballroom gig was nice too and we had a pretty good turn out, considering it was Sunday and Mother’s Day. It’s a great venue with a nice size stage and all.
We got together with the band almost daily and came up with some really cool material. In other words, we’re moving right along in the right direction.
I did a couple of interviews, like Eddie Trunk’s radio show and Red Eye w/Greg Gutfield on the Fox News Channel with Ginger.

I walked around my old neighbourhood on East 3rd street and other places with tons of memories coming back. I really did enjoy living there for all those 10 years or so.
I went to meet Little Steven a couple of times at a studio where he was producing a Danish band called The Breakers. Once again, we talked about how the Demolition 23 album has to be re-released.
Maybe this time it’ll actually happen, now that we’re out there playing those songs live and stuff. Steven’s just so busy all the time. Let’s hope we can get it together soon. I’m trying my best.

As I said, I still love New York and it was a great visit. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows, the audiences were great and we really had a blast. See you next time!

Thank goodness, summer is finally here. Let’s all enjoy it!

Love, peace and sunshine,


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  1. Jesse

    The Breakers sounds great…. thx for mentioning and letting us know about them!

    Love the part about Stiv… Enjoy your summer dude!!

  2. Alistair

    Hey Mike,

    Alistair here. ex lead singer from Pet Hate.
    Remember us??
    We opened up for you in the UK back in 1984.
    Let me know if you’re ever over in Canada.
    Would love to meet up and say hi!
    Good to see you still rockin’ after all these years.

    Take care….

  3. Kurt V

    Thanks for the post! I saw you in Oklahoma City in November of ’89. Been an avid fan since 2 Steps. Have all the Hanoi & solo stuff except “Nights ” That sumbitch is a pricey import! Can’t wait to hear the new stuff! Next time you’re touring in the states try to hit anywhere between Peoria,IL & Davenport,Iowa. I will personally drag all my friends (well,both of ’em) out to show them how to “Rock Like Fuck”. Thanks for all the years of pure rock. You’re the best! Kurt from Kewanee,Illinois. And speaking of “Get It Together”, check out the Supersuckers CD of 2008 by that name. The 1st 3 times I saw them,Eddie Spaghetti had your 2 steps from the move photo pin on his bass strap. I updated him on your new project. C’mon,kick it out!!

  4. tom

    Mike, come back soon, you were amazing at the Highline! And Dem23 is one of my favorite albums and is as old as i am, and i would do all I could to get a re-release.

  5. Minako

    Glad to know you had great time in NYC, and what’s exactlly happened at the gig. You had me worry there…

  6. Garfield

    Nice to hear that you had such nice time there on your old hometown.
    Already waiting for your festival gigs here in Finland. You are going to rock the shit out of Ruisrock as you did in New York already!
    Wellcome back, Mr Monroe.

  7. admin

    Your story is now published, sorry for the delay.


  8. Kurt A Van Daele

    Sorry about gettin’ all pissy earlier, but as Paul Gilbert says “I Like Rock”. I just didn’t want to see all my time spent hunting & pecking on this keyboard go to waste. Thanks a ton. Make that thanks a metric ton!

  9. Hellhoundsound

    Amazing show at the Highland Ballroom! Yes, do come back, often.
    Jaja, funny about your east village walk, I was biking around there on those days and thought I saw you once from the distance. It was Michael Monroe, waw!

    Yes, man, we need people like you!

    Best. Ernesto.

  10. Ray

    Hi Michael;

    I have been a huge fan of yours for over 20 years… Are you ever planning to visit Australia (in particular Western Australia – Perth)?… If you ever make it here, you’ll have a place to stay! You have our email address.

  11. NYCsidewalker

    Hey Michael,

    We were at the Varvatos show, you were great!

    We posted it on our website! Enjoy the pictures, they’re awesome!

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