a near dog death experience…

by Steve ~ May 21st, 2010. Filed under: News.

i almost lost my miniature pinscher ziggy awhile back…

sometimes when we leave my apt to go for a walk I’ll just let him out the door with his collar on but never the leash…because i always thought – “what if he ran to the elevator and got in w/ the leash trailing behind him? ”

so i was taking him out one day w/ collar & leash on and for some reason i dropped the leash and he ran for the elevator while i was fumbling for my keys to lock the door i heard the “ding” of the elevator bell…i yelled “ziggy – no!! come here!!” but he wasn’t coming. i ran for the elevator and just as i got there the door was closing with his leash partly still outside the door. i hit the button frantically but then my worst night mare – it started going up…his leash was sucked up under the crack of the elevator door. then my heart sank i heard him yelp a big “owwwoooo”. oh shit, i thought, that’s it, I’ve killed my beautiful dog, his little neck just snapped, maybe worse.

i saw the elevator light stop 2 floors up so I bolted up the stairs but by the time I got there it was there and gone. I kept picturing my dog lying on the floor of the elevator in god knows what kind of condition, going up, up, up all the way to the penthouse. Every floor I saw go by my heart sank further. i dropped to my knees and prayed “please god, let him be allright, let him be alive” my mind told me it would be a miracle if a little dog survived something like this but i prayed and prayed and tried to tell myself there was a chance. as the elevator came down floor by floor i wondered what people were getting in and what they were seeing…was my dog a lifeless piece of meat by now?

it stopped on almost every floor, not knowing was agonizing. finally the door opened before me and the elevator was full of people but i saw no ziggy on the floor. then at the back i saw a patch of his fur, a woman was holding him in her arms- and he was totally alive and seemed fine. she said she was wondering what he was doing in the elevator by himself and picked him up because she knew he was mine. my god, i checked his neck, felt the bones, squeezed to see if he had any pain but nothing. then i put that leash on him and took him for a walk vowing to never let him out the door on the leash again.


love that dog.

5 Responses to a near dog death experience…

  1. Suff

    Glad hes ok ^^

  2. Trej

    Wow.. i would have felt just as bad as you did.. So glad he´s fine 😀


  3. kimi138

    I read “near dog experience” at first…well……

  4. Lisa Marie Farfalla

    Thank God for answered prayers!!! I would be FREAKING out, as I am sure you were!!! Thank you so much for your blogs… I love your stories!!! Lots of Love, Lisa

  5. Garfield

    I know how it feels when you lost your pet for a moment and you are not sure if he/she is OK. I quess that these moments when we are worried helps us understand better how loved and important our pets really are.
    And of course same thing happens with our friends and loved ones also. When you feel a little bit worried, you remember how much you love.

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