Tired, fatigued, tuckered out & pooped.

by Rich ~ April 21st, 2010. Filed under: News.

Man I’m beat. Like, ‘weights behind the eyeballs’, ‘little dark shadowy people hiding behind furniture’, ‘accidentally speaking in languages I never learned’ tired.

Like, you know when you could just shut your eyes and fall asleep straight away? You get in the bath and suddenly you’re waking up and the water’s cold. You open up your book and suddenly you’re at the end of the train line and people are riding camels. You know that kind of ‘hair trigger’ tired? I’m way beyond that. That kind of ‘tired’ wakes me up with excitement. I dream of feeling like that. Well, I would dream of that if I could sleep. Thing is, I can’t sleep. I’m too tired.

Coffee is just the flavour of an ineffective, yet delicious hot beverage.

Bed is a furniturific accessory that taunts and goads, to little effect. I’m just too tired to react.

Driving the car is a joy when the levels of insomnia have reached the delirious levels of psychedelia such as those being experienced everytime I take a video game journey on the motorway. I say video game, but, in all seriousness, the young girl I hit yesterday was decidedly more real than those I normally plough down, with great abandon I may add, on Grand Theft Auto. She was almost gone when I got out to inspect the crumpled form slumped on the side of the road, out of sight to speeding commuters and self absorbed motoring nazis. By the time I got home the body in the boot was completely inert. Bereft of lifeforce. I’ll get round to burying my unfortunate cadaverous traveling companion, just as soon as I get some sleep. For now she rests in my kitchen.

Although the dark whispy forms, darting back and forth from outer reaches of my peripheral vision, are the mere hallucinatory company of the sleep deprived I suspect that the smoke coming from the kitchen is real. It’s certainly smells real. The sirens outside could be a product of my my burnt out and debilitated imagination. The police radios that chatter excitedly from behind the front door may or may not be an illusion caused by weariness. Still, that smoke, and the accompanying heat of the fire, mixed with the smell of burning pork, sure seem real to me.

I’d get up to see what exactly is causing that un-Godly  burning smell…

..I’m just too damn tired…


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  1. Bellatrix

    I know the feeling. Have been reading heaps of books and writing a Ph.D. research proposal mainly during nights… Most thoughts I have written down make no sense whatsoever.. And days go by in a haze. But for you: stop writing songs for a while and write a book! I would certainly read it. X

  2. Minako

    In my case,when I get tired, exhausted and want to abandon everything, I keep quiet waiting the time goes by. Hope you will know what I mean… You can be as you are… yes, I guess so…

  3. nathalie

    BEWARE OF BURN-OUT!greetings,nat

  4. Suff

    Best thing to do is to take a hot shower! HOT SHOWER! HOT SHOWER!

  5. Maya

    scary.. dark.. gritty.. and absolutelly amazing!! man you have a talent for writing!!

  6. Adriana

    See you guys in NYC! I wonder what trouble we will get into? xox

  7. PunkRocker

    Yeah..Stiv Bators style..Gotta take a piss..

  8. Debbie V

    You are a legend – I love your wonderful ‘stories’!
    You really should write a book – if you ever get the time – get some rest, pick yourself up and carry on the great work!
    Love you and your imagination x

  9. Jo-Squirrel

    Have you seen any frogs or rabbits yet? If I ever get That tired, I see little shadowy frogs hopping about, but I’ve heard that some ppl see white rabbits. I’ve never seen Them – it makes me quite jealous!

  10. Garfield

    You should take a break for a week and sleep it all away. Sometimes it helps. I’m a bit tired also at the moment even I haven’t travelled with a rockn roll band 🙂 but sometimes to be very tired is the price you have to pay for something soooo great. And I quess this time it has been worth of it.

    Btw. Keep on rockin!

  11. Mr. Fopp


    So after these last years making wonderful things into the rock n’roll community, have to have a little rest? No problem man, after the end of the tour in London just take a couple of weeks for you. You know, wake up a bit later and watch a little of TV. That’s a good remedy, I assure you.

    By the way, thanks for the things you’re doing for music. I mean, The Wildhearts last CD’s (love the White one), The songs for Jason & Scorchers (I remember Jason playing with the Wildhearts in Madrid and Bilbao a couple years ago – Historico!. And they’re playing Spain in May can’t wait!), this thing with Michael Monroe, etc. So, thanks, and of course, after sleeping for 5 days in a row, Keep on rockin’!

    PD: I’m still waiting for the return of the “Cheap Trick” hat you took onstage last year in that Swedish festival! hahaha

  12. charlotte

    Best recipe for a good nights sleep, listen to some boring fart ramble on!
    But seriously I agree with the others here, you should write more than songs.

  13. kristiina

    G., you can write!!!!!!!!!! <3

  14. Rob Webley

    Man, it’s been years now since hanging out backstage with you and the rest of The Bombshells, but your eloquence back then really struck me and I’d hang on your every word. Good to see you still have it, and yes, a book would be great!
    P.S. hanging out backstage with the Michael Monroe band would be pretty cool too… 🙂

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