S&S in Brazil!

by Steve ~ April 2nd, 2010. Filed under: News.

smoke that thing...

8 Responses to S&S in Brazil!

  1. Lokkenlollah

    Up in smoke that’s where my money goes, Up my lungs sometimes up my nose… =D

  2. Jedi

    Dude you guys rocked last night. One of the best shows i have ever seen.

  3. Boss Hoss

    Kiitos torstain keikasta. Bändi oli tiukka!

  4. Marie

    Muito legal mesmo Brazil

  5. Eletrika

    Congrats !!!!!

  6. Eletrika

    Congrats !

  7. Steve

    now kiddies – this is a legal cigarette! (in the Brazilian favela…)

  8. Felipe

    hope to see you all back in Brazil soon

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