Review of the London gig

by Rich ~ April 17th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Another great review.

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  1. David

    Great truly review! i wish you’ll do European tour soon, come to Czech, Michael pls.

  2. Paula Crazy finnfan

    Smashing review, smashing band!

  3. Colette Ramsay

    Last year l stood with a tear in my eye in Tavastia as the band l had followed for 25..years ended the last gigs..But a year to the day l am elated to have been at the O2 London gig and be back with the amazing frontman Michael and Sami. The night of sheer, pure rock n roll was a blast! I will love this band til the cows come home….Glasgow awaits…. Luv n Kitos! Colettexxxxx

  4. charlotte

    What a truely amazing review! I get it, I really do, what the review said was so true and I felt doubly proud as my nine yr old son watched from the balcony. Congratulations Guys x

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