Michael and his band visit harness racing on April 6th in Teivo

by Rich ~ April 3rd, 2010. Filed under: News.

More info in Finnish available at www.teivonravit.fi.

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  1. Katja Anttonen

    Heissan Mike,
    Olen niin suunnattoman iloinen, kun olet päättänyt jatkaa uraasi yhä. Olet niin taitava, että olisi sääli, jos lopettaisit nyt. Näin sinut ensimmäisen kerran alaikäisenä Tavastialla (suhteilla pääsin sisään) n. 11-12 vuotiaana! Nyt, 40-vuotiaaana, olen yhä fanisi!

    Dear Mike,
    I’m so tremendeously glad to hear you’ve decided to continue your career. You have such a talent that it would be a pitty to see it go wasted! I’ve seen one of your first gigs at Tavastia at age of 11-12 (got myself in since my mothers boyfriends son was working at Tiketti). But still, at the age of 40 I’m one of the biggests fans of your!.

  2. kimi chaos

    -täräytin taalani kuolleeseen heppaan-

  3. Mr Gambler

    Lay your money on number 11 Arizona’s Gold in the 7th race! Trust me on this, he’s a fine horse.

  4. Minako

    My phone only can see the pics of BandHQ, so I’ll leave comment here. I think I feel the recent of Random Picture for the Day are getting a bit vulgar… Or am I just in deep…?

  5. Minako

    My phone seems not to be able to leave comment…

  6. Minako

    Oh.. it worked.. What comment do I leave? Have no idea. So, see you later, and I’ll keep quiet for a while…?

  7. Minako

    Oh..it worked….

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