Good morning my fine Finns….

by Steve ~ April 2nd, 2010. Filed under: News.

I’m looking fwd to seeing you all @ the Tavastia shows today!

Get ready to have yer arsesĀ kicked….

Steve Conte

7 Responses to Good morning my fine Finns….

  1. Street Poet


    Nobody’s butt but mine is ready šŸ˜‰

    Rock like Intra-Vaginal-Penetration!!!

  2. Janet

    Awesome show yesterday! You rock and the band rocks!

  3. hernandez

    See ya there!! Rrrrocknrolll!!

  4. Jimmiejames

    anybody seen Andy? and who cares, rights?

  5. koopee

    Hi Michael!

    And Thanks, and Thanks, and Thanks for the April 2nd at Tavastia! You were Wonderful! Your band was Wonderful!! I realy did enjoy. The new songs were great and wow..where do you get all that energy on stage..I mean you really gave us all a great experience, experience beyond extraordinary. My sincerest, humblest and ohjesusmygodhowgreatitwas thanks! Can’t wait to see you again.. : ))

  6. Dudeson

    Anybody seen my ass?

    Steve and Ginger kicked it.

  7. Anarco Marco

    What happenned during the gig? What have I missed goddamnit?

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