by Sami ~ April 23rd, 2010. Filed under: News.

What is this thing that keeps me getting on a bus and travelin around the world constantly…sleep debrived, hungover and ill fed. My first trip in a proper bus(well, not quite…) was w Pelle Miljoona Oy in January-80 in Finland, it was a 200 kilometer trip, the bus was an old commuter bus that had been stripped off its seats, outfitted w old flea ridden couches w cigarette burns on’em and a hold in the back to hold the PA,amps,drums and guitars. The heating system didn’t work, it was -25 C(whats that in Fahrenheit?? 2 degrees???)  so it got a bit nippy, we brought some crusty old blankets to keep our selves warm and of course  bottles of vodka and a lotta cigarretes and humor. The wind came right in as we started driving as some of the windows had small cracks in them.No doubt I froze my little 16 year old tush off and almost lost my toes and fingers to the frost bite. The show had about a 1000 screaming little girls who tried to rape me with their eyes and tried to crab my crotch if I stepped too close to the edge of the stage. After the gig, sweaty and happy and spent, someone brought a bottle of rum. On the way back to Helsinki we guzzled it, laughed till the tears froze on our cheeks and I couldn’t WAIT to do it all over again next weekend. Thats where my addiction started to keep on movin and go to places to entertain people and see the happy faces that only sweaty, hard in yer face R’n’R can bring. Thankfully the busses have gotten better since those early days but the feeling is the same, can’t wait to do it over again. I’m in Belgium now, headin for Berlin,the road keeps bending…………


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  1. Ansku

    Keep on rockin´ Sami! Warm hugs from not so warm Finland <3

  2. Salla

    Hugs and kisses from Finland! I finally saw you at live in Helsinki and I will remember that group-photo forever! <3

  3. Janet from NJ

    Must still be like being a kid too I would imagine. Gosh, how I have changed since going to see Hanoi in London and New York in the 80’s, how did I get so conservative? Well, I’m glad some of us get to live out or follow our dreams. I guess it’s more like having the balls to follow your dreams tho eh? I would think so, I went for the 9-5, 🙂 but I”m happy. I still miss the crazy days of going to see rock shows such as yours – then on the other hand I could have been studying to be a dentist or something lol. Peace you guys – so glad you are still playing together. Janet

  4. Onerva

    Take care and keep smiling,Sami!

  5. Hertsi

    Hienoja tarinoita jätkät! Näitä lisää 🙂

  6. Munnu

    Are you writing in the bus?

  7. CorrecterMan

    “a lotta cigarretes and humor”

    Of course, Sami meant to say: “a lot of cigarettes and a humidor”

  8. hernandez

    Life is beautiful.. !! 🙂

  9. Heli Laiho

    Ok, Sami and Mike, Ginger, Steve and Karl…

    it is super that you have the energy and stamina to rock the World .. You defenately DO that..to me when I hear you, or Hanoi Rocks.. And my kids… 😉 Look after your sweet butts and stay on the straight and narrow.. 🙂
    Waiting to see you here in Turku again! LOVE U’s, Heli

  10. Y

    Sami, I am so happy to be a fan of you. I’m looking forward to seeing you and making me a big smile:) I hope you are happy always. Take care and enjoy your tour!!

  11. Linda

    Oh you see, if thought I couldn’t love music more than I already do, then I read this, and I do love it more! Knowing someone you really like, doing what that specific person likes/loves makes me happy and it makes the already good music SO much better ! Thank you

  12. Rants In The Cellar

    So glad you enjoy the road! Overjoyed that I’ve been able to catch some of those gigs since 1983. Here’s to another 30 odd years!

  13. Garfield

    I love these stories You guys write. Thanks for sharing them. These stories gives us, fans, a little break from our nine to five lives to read them and share your feelings and rocknroll memories. Thanks to share all this with us.

    See You soon, Sami. Maybe next with Mad Juana.

  14. David

    Have fun on your tour sami, you’re legend. And Hey stop by in Prague when you’ll be in Berlin 🙂

  15. Samira

    im 16; and i feel awesome everytime i read something you wrote, sami, ’bout early years.

    i wanna have 20 and read de same things.., to feel this like now


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