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by Steve ~ April 26th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Howdy folks – welcome to my first blog on the Michael Monroe site! From what I understand, a blog is supposed to let the world see my personality, my thoughts spilled out out onto the page to reveal my true nature. Oh, but this cannot be done in one entry my dear readers. You’ll just have to settle for a few juicy tidbits (controlled by the Ministry Of Gossip, of course) a little at a time. Now for those who don’t know anything about me or where I’ve been let’s get you caught up. I gladly joined forces with Michael, Sami, Ginger & Karl about 2 months ago after getting a call from Sami that they needed a guitar player. Even before I played a note with them I had a feeling that this band might be some much needed new blood for me, a musical transfusion that could get something new flowing…at a welcome time. As I expected, the shows have been amazing and inspiring and I’ve felt myself being pulled up in the energy of the new people around me. Good chemistry.

So what was doing before I got that call? Well, since 2004 I’ve been playing guitar with the New York Dolls and in 2006, started a new band of my own – Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth. Now here’s the thing; when it comes to my own band I pretty much do everything and in the Dolls, David Jo and Sylvain are at the controls. But it wasn’t until I hooked up with Michael, Ginger, Karl & Sami as a team that I realized how I’ve been itching for a more creative, give-and-take band situation. And lemme tell ya – I have great expectations for this new Michael Monroe band. Nearly everyone is an artist, a bandleader, a song writer, a musician, a lead singer…and a crazy son of a bitch. Karl Rockfist, our drummer is the one guy I didn’t know much about before the band but already I’ve seen that he’s a sweetheart and we’ve got a lot in common. And that’s a necessary ingredient for a band, commonality. Though we’re all unique individuals born in different parts of the world at different times, where we “overlap” is where the good times are. On the bus we crack each other up with our life stories, groove to The Stooges, Cheap Trick, Dead Boys, MC5, Black Oak Arkansas, and laugh a lot at Arnold Schwartzenegger, Cheech & Chong, Better Off Dead and Jim Dandy’s lyrics. It’s great to be playing music with people who heads are in the same place on and off the stage. I can’t wait to get back on that bus with these lunatics!

See ya soon-


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  1. charlotte

    Well I think it’s great you are with the band, Enjoy!!

  2. David

    Hehe, you rock Steve! what a lovely band!

  3. hernandez

    So great to hear that you guys are as excited about this as so many fans are ! Hope to see you soon again!!! Rock and roll!!

  4. hernandez

    … And it’s so fuckin great to have you in this band Steve !!!

  5. Street Poet

    Rock on! It’s an amazing band and a helluva bunch of gifted individuals, talented like hell but when You get together – wow – You Rock!!!

  6. kristiina

    You are just on the right place here 😀 We love you Steve!!!!

  7. Onerva

    Rock on,Steve!Great band!

  8. Nancie

    Ooh me fave loonies ;))

    I love the fact that every single one of us has a friend who won’t stop doing Arnold Swarshghfjshnegger <3

    So great to hear the band enjoys it at least a quarter as much as we do! (See, it's a LOT)

    With an ie.

  9. Katriina

    Hellou Maikkeli:D Olet mun suuri idoli, vaikka mun pitäis suurinpiirtein kutoa sukkia keinutuolissa:) Eikö yli nelikymppiset oo jo ikäloppuja:D Kerran oon teidän keikalla ollu vuonna yksi ja kaksi. Mutta oot ihana, pidä tyylis aina<3. Aira Samulin on hyvä esimerkki miten voi elää, hän onkin yksi mun idoleista, Classix Nouveauksin ohella (Sal Solo, Jimi Sumen etc) Kaikkea hyvää sulle:D

  10. Eija

    I saw you guys at Tavastia, Helsinki, and it was shere rocking bliss! The good vibes in the band your telling about was so obvious. I hope to see you very soon again!

  11. Hueo Saavedra


  12. yasmin khan

    Nice to know that you have played with dolls also,yeah there is a good chemistry between band,hope ya guys will stick together and make great music together for a long long time,it was nice to see you guys rock london,Best Wishes

  13. manon

    “High On The HOg” best white trash ever, featuring Miss Ruby Starr, still got the lp on vinyl, in MINT condition!… and Charllie made the bus fly..

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