A great run

by Michael ~ April 25th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Since coming back home, after our latest gig in London, I must say it’s been a great run.  I just totally love this band!
Sure, it’s been nice to have a little breather at home for a while too, but I simply enjoy working with these people so much that I’m already itching to get back at it again.
I haven’t felt like this for a long time.  I do feel blessed.
The shows we’ve done have been so much fun, the crowds have been lovely, we’ve gotten a great response and extremely positive reviews.
Just like the States – Finland, Stockholm and London have all been brilliant and very enjoyable.
A friend of mine filmed the second night at the Tavastia Club in Helsinki for me, and after watching it I must say – I would definitely want to see and hear this band live, and many times over.  This clearly is a great rock’n’roll band with a perfect combination of people.  I’m gonna do everything in my power to keep this together and to keep it going and growing.  So far it hasn’t even required that much of an effort on my part, since everyone in the band seems to feel the same way and have the same interests at heart.

Anyway, enough of my hooting our horn.  I sincerely wanna thank all you people and fans for making this so great for us.  Your fantastic feedback and great vibes make it all so worth our while.  We do appreciate the appreciation!

So onwards and upwards it is – New York, here we come!


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  1. Lisa

    LOVED the show in SF…it would be awesome if you were to play in L.A. during he weekend of the Sunset Strip Music Festival!!! Pretty please with shugah on top!!

  2. Vicky Warner

    Would be great to see more gigs added in England Michael, how about it?

  3. kris head

    great things should not require effort Michael! the London show was the best gig I’ve seen in a long time.. for energy, the setlist (though I would of added alot more from the most recent solo releases) I had an absolute blast and obviously the crowd did, well worth travelling to London. All star line up, all star music. all star life!

  4. Dorn Simon-Sinnott


    Its so heart-warming to hear and read the posts/blogs of your recent adventures, it has been so many years since I saw you, but always held a place for you, Hanoi really were a strong part of my youth and I have always kept a close eye on any of your works, this seems to be a new revived burst of exquisit energy and drive, with true rock n roll at the helm for you guys, and I am delighted for you..hope to catch you live soon..any festivals or Dublin shows would be a blast! xxx

  5. Timo

    That is very nice to hear! I had best time of my life at your gigs!! Next one ill see is at Ruisrock, unfortunately i cant get to Helsinki Live. Even thought we might see Axl Rose with you onstage, if so i will miss alot.

  6. Michael

    Baltimore is still mourning the canceled gig

    feel for us……

  7. yasmin khan

    OF course Michael it was a great gig in London i loved it,it was electric you performed very well and music was also very good i must say,i enjoyed it very much this was the best gig i have seen this year,you guys totally ‘ROCKED’ keep it up and keep the band together,thanks again for rocking london,Best wishes

  8. Linda

    Oh your show was great! It was kind of a shame that I didn’t got to say hi to you and maybe talk a bit but I met Sam Yaffa in the toilet haha. Anyways, GREAT show, one of the best ones I’ve ever been to! (The one in Stockholm) I’ve been wanting to see you for so long, but there was always something that got in the way. I had really high expectations for your show.. you just toped them!

  9. Kati

    I was gutted to miss the London gig but I had already bought tickets to see The Triffids (who were Fabulous) and will keep my eyes peeled for any further gigs here. I did love Hanoi Rocks at Astoria two years back. Keep going, Mike!

  10. Poppa Joe

    I hope you guys rock the new songs in studio like on stage.

  11. Viveka

    Indeed, this line-up is the best I’ve ever seen! I’m glad to see you guys are truly enjoying playing together. All the shows I saw were just brilliant.

    Thank you Michael, wish you all the best, loads of positive vibes, health & happiness. See you in the summer! 🙂

  12. Onerva

    Kiitos upeasta keikasta Tavastialla!Se oli täynnä positiivista energiaa ja elämäniloa.Onnea,iloa ja kaikkea hyvää teille kaikille!Lämpimät halit!Nähdään!

  13. Peter Lentinen

    Loved the gig at Islington Academy a couple of weeks ago! Looking forward to some new music! Rock on and take care!

  14. UncleTodd

    Damn I wish I was across the pond! Please get to Cleveland!

  15. salami snake

    I can only agree with everybody else – Stockholm show was fantastic. Never seen more energy on a stage.

  16. hammersmith

    See you next time in London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jo-Squirrel

    Great to hear you had as much fun as we did – it sure looked like it! Hope you can come to London again soon, but I’ll definitly see you at Ankkarock. 🙂

  18. Sara

    I was at the Stockholm gig and it was fantastic! Really energetic – didn’t think there could be so much energy in one person and now that the rest of the band is more on the same level…it is a huge kick to see you guys on stage!

  19. Garfield

    Thank You, Michael. And thank You guys!!!
    I saw two shows at Tavastia, and I can tell you… i got great feeling from both gigs. I didnt even matter that the set list was quite the same. The feeling and the music kept me going. And I can say, it was easily made clear that everyone in the band seemed to enjoy themselves! First night with some party booze and the second one sober and both made me feel so right!

    So all I can say keep on rockin. See You soon and thanx for the update!

  20. charlotte

    London was an amazing gig for sure, hope it won’t be too long until you guys come back. Enjoy yourselves 🙂

  21. David

    Yea Michael, this band has so much energy, keep it rolling!! Hope you’ll do full European tour and visit Prage, Czech Republic. Rock On guys this’s gonna be larger than life 🙂

  22. Suff

    Thanks for the shows guys. Wish to see you again soon 😀

  23. Idaho

    Hey Mike!
    I saw you in Sariola the other day. That place is so lame, I don’t know what you were doing there but it looked like you enjoyed yourself! And that made me smile, thank you for it. You and your music can always put a smile on my face.
    Wish to see you again soon!

  24. Corinna

    Thanks for the great shows in Finland, my best wishes for you all.
    See you soon in summer!

  25. Chris

    hey Michael. great show at Rusty Spurs in Austin. you guys truly are the best rock n’ roll band I’ve seen in ages. come back to Texas!


  26. Louisa

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as we all did! London was an amazing gig, the best I’ve been to in years. My husband didn’t believe me when I told him you are quite simply the best front man in the business. Thanks for the best 40th birthday present a girl could get!

  27. Ella

    Nice! This line-up is the best I’ve ever seen, it’s fantastic. Thanks for the awesome gigs in Finland, all the shows were great!

    Wish you all the best and see you soon in Helsinki Live festival!

  28. Minako

    I’m worry about he trurely got hurt. Realy hope not…

  29. AGE

    Just trying to have some response across the universe Sorry ; yours truely ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  30. AGE

    Que sera sera?

  31. UnicornGirl

    Heard the NY show TOTALLY ROCKED – OF COURSE!!! Please, Please, Please come to Boston, MA. Have LOVED Hanoi Rocks, LOVED the music since, LOVED what I’ve heard from the shows. Michael & Ginger – saw you on Red Eye – cringed as to how clear it was they weren’t true ‘fans’…maybe just ‘new’ ones. “What Velvet Revolver should have been?” “What GNR should have been?” PLEASE! Those bands were influenced by you but they cannot dream of even being your shadow. You came, you ROCKED, and you showed them all! Finally, FINALLY, getting the attention and credit you have long deserved in the States! Hope to see more of Finland’s best export!!! 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!!

  32. Minako

    You look as if you were in Tokyo. And seems that your haircut is different as usual…, of course looking cool.

  33. Minako

    What a incredible pics! You met a lot of people,your old friend,a legendary
    artist, and so on. Where did you meet them? Or they came to see your show?

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