Meet & Greet in Austin

by Rich ~ March 19th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Michael Monroe today at Rusty Spurs (Austin, Texas) at 3.30pm, meet & greet after the show starting at 4.15pm!

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  1. Keith

    Austin Texas : March 24 2010

    Yes I do remember ordering those tapes, and to be frank, I didn’t give them much thought. But after seeing how good he was as an entertainer, plus the kick ass band, I’m sold. David told me it was the best thing he had seen in ten years, and from David who toured with Sylvain, that’s saying something. All I can say is the show at the Continental would have blown you away. Monroe was really in his element. I entered the club from the back with Monroe and Ginger. Monroe asked the doorman if this was back stage, and began to chuckle. I then watched Monroe as he sized up the place like a general before battle! No one I spoke to had any idea what or who they were about to see. The place was packed full of people, all to see Alejandro. After the first song from Monroe, it was if they where in shock. It was evident they had never anticipated such a machine. At one point Monroe leapt from the stage and climbed on to the bar, commanding the crowd to the fini! Monroe and the band had left their mark when Alajandro took the stage for the True Believers reunion, his first words from the mike were “Damn Michael has risen the bar real high”. By the way you look like the drummer, especially when he had his bandana on his head.

    Keith M. Seay
    K.M.S. Enterprises
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