Back from L.A.

by Michael ~ February 7th, 2010. Filed under: News.

Hey dudes and dudettes!

I’m back in snowy Finland after three very productive weeks in Los Angeles.  Had a great time rehearsing with the guys in the band and stuff.  Now you too know who they are.
A lovely bunch of guys, right?
Everything worked out great, apart from the technical problems that prevented the on line streaming from going out live – really sorry about that, but apparently it could not be helped.  At least it came out eventually, only with a little bit of a delay.  Thanks again to Bam Margera for being such a great host.

I met a lot of interesting and cool people while I was there.  A very good friend of mine, Tim Sheridan, works in the film crew for CSI: Miami. One afternoon he invited me over to  watch them film a scene with David Caruso (“Horatio Caine”) and William Forsythe, on the stage at the Hollywood Bowl.  The episode was directed by Rob Zombie.  Filming the scene was seriously intense, and I was very impressed by how the actors and the crew all worked together.  I was holding my breath every time they were doing a take.
Being quite a CSI: Miami fan myself, it was a great thrill to meet David Caruso and talk with him for a while.  He is an incredibly nice guy.  He told me a cool story about him meeting Pete Townshend, after seeing The Who live.  Pete invited him inside the tour bus, borrowed his shades and did an impersonation of Horatio Caine for him!  David also went out of his way to get me a CSI: Miami belt buckle and some other cool CSI swag.

Most of you have probably seen a lot of our doings on the Mobile Backstage.  I’m actually having fun posting stuff on it and seeing what the other guys have posted plus reading the comments.

Chris Shiflett from the Foo Fighters invited us to see him, so one day after rehearsals me and Ginger went to meet him at the incredible Foo Fighters studio.  He was  working on a cool sounding track that needed some harmonica on it, and I was happy to oblige.  Actually, the first time I met Chris was in 1989 on my Not Fakin’ It – US tour.  Chris had a band called “Lost Kittenz” back then and they were opening up for my show in Santa Barbara.

After that we drove to another studio in Hollywood where Ricky Warwick (ex- Almighty) was recording his new album. He has a bunch of people guesting with him on the record, and he had asked me and Ginger to be part of it too.  I picked a song by one of my (and Ricky’s) favorite bands, The Ruts.  I really enjoyed doing my vocals on that one and can’t wait to hear how the whole thing is gonna sound in the end with Ricky’s vocals on it too.  Ginger, on his part, was working on doing a The Stiff Little Fingers song with him.

It was great meeting my pals like Duff McKagan, Alice Cooper and others.  All in all it was a great trip and I’m really looking forward to going back for the West Coast tour, to finally play some live shows with this band!

As for the rest of the world – get ready ‘cos you’re next,


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  1. Marko Suutari

    Nice! Good to see u back in Finland! Hope that your new band rules ok!

  2. Timo

    Thats just pure awesomness!

  3. Carl

    Hey Michael, what’s up?

    Just want to say thanks again for last friday interview. Can’t wait to play it on the show. You are welcome back any time you want!

    Hope to catch you somewhere in Canada soon.


    Carl / Metal7080

  4. psychobimbo

    pretty cool! what a combination of some of my favourite artists. just waiting for tyla. what a livetime wish of mine – a duett from michi and tyla.

  5. Vee

    Nicely put story, thanks for sharing it! I just bought tickets to your Helsinki show 🙂

  6. kimi138

    just one thing to say: FUCK YEAH!

  7. Ansku

    Thanks for the story, I´m glad for you that you had such a nice time there! Exciting times in the big word. Hugs&kisses!

  8. charlotte

    Sounds like a good time was had! Looking forward to The London gig,
    Rock N Roll

  9. tenacg8r

    OK, so I too am a CSI fan. But Michael, Ginger, Sammy…I really need to hear this band! And for you guys to tear up Nashville, soon. Oh yeah, I am sooo ready!

  10. Lou

    Excellent! Lookin’ forward to the London gig!

  11. rubén

    I love you, Mike
    Best wishes from Spain. rock on

  12. kimi chaos

    I*m so happy about michael and those dudes,they really want do some good rocknroll.rock like fuck!!!

  13. Dvid

    You rock like fuck michael! i wish you’ll add more european shows

  14. Tanja

    Nice to read your greetings from L.A! I see you at Tavastia club 2.4 :). I can´t wait! I have been your fan for over 20 years since I was fourteen or so ;).

  15. Pete Garfield

    Nice to hear your doing soooo fine.
    Sounds incredibly amazing “holiday”… or should it be called holiday…
    anyway I have already tickets for both overaged Helsinki gigs. And I’m sure that it will be worth of it. As a big longtime Hanoi fan, it’s so cool that You and Sami are working together. And also the rest of (sorry)… lets say, your whole band sounds so interesting line-up, that I just can’t miss your gigs!!!

    Wellcome back, and hope to hear more soon!!!

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