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by Rich ~ January 29th, 2010. Filed under: News.

This is the view from the office of the Finnish Consulate, where we were invited for a personal meeting today.

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  1. Ginger

    Fuck, what a day. Started out as a curiosity, with the Consulate general of Finland inviting Michael and Sami for a private meeting, then cordially speaking English the whole time because I was there as designated driver. Then we rocked awesomely at the little green building. Proceeded to the most name droppingest party where we were given red carpet treatment and Michael had his photo taken with the rich, the famous and the beautiful (see photo section for further details). Finally we ended the day in LA’s famous Cat Club to watch Sami playing with the endearingly eccentric Uncle Bob. Todd is off to Australia to play some shows with Ace Frehley, and before this evening took place I was pretty envious. I wouldn’t have been anywhere else tonight. Awesome stuff.


  2. Momo

    You seem to send substantial daily life.
    It delights me.

  3. Rumble On

    Cheers! Thanks for the update! RLF!

  4. hernandez

    Sounds great!

  5. Randy

    That is fantastic!!! Sooooo looking forward to seeing the band in calif…. We’re flying down from Canada for it, I don’t care how much it costs…. I can’t wait to see this…. This is what Rock N Roll is all about!!!!!

  6. Saara

    See you in ALL 3 Helsinki shows. Gotta get that 3rd ticket on monday morning – Really cool stuff in that mobilebackstagewebversionwidget btw
    – Chris Shiflett and Michael Monroe -brilliant 🙂

  7. Pago

    Remember and play Scotland!

  8. hernandez

    yep! the mobile backstage thing is so cool, great stuff!

  9. kimi138

    hell yeah! Cant wait to see you guys rocking in Hellsinki!

    “Chris Shiflett and Michael Monroe -brilliant :-)”

    Saara, my thoughts exactly! Damn, I laughed
    thanx for the update Ginger!

  10. Daniel

    I’m one of the “new” fans that realised the awesomeness of Demolition 23, Monroe, Hanoi from Youtube! I mean, wtf, you guys rock. Where have I been?

    I will definetly get a ticket to Helsinki show. 6 hours to go until the ticket sales start.

    I think you guys will achieve things. Have fun and enjoy every day! Just don’t start fighting and break up!

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