Looking for Street Team leaders for Michael Monroe

by Rich ~ January 20th, 2010. Filed under: News.

We are looking for active people to start and lead local street teams and to participate in marketing and promotion of Michael Monroe´s new band.

The requirements are: You are a person with street team leader skills and you have a history as a Michael Monroe fan. You´ve been following Michael´s career from the start, listened to the records and seen the gigs. You are over 18 years old, willing and capable of organizing promotional events and you know your home country´s music scene well. As a team leader you will also need to know about online promotion and marketing, and you´re able to act as a moderator for the street team forum & fansites.

Please mail an informal application for us latest 31.1.2010 to the address streetteam@michaelmonroe.com with a headline “Michael Monroe Street Team” Include a proper introduction/CV about yourself, your contact info and brief statements why you are applying as a street team leader. We also would like to hear your thoughts and opinions about Michael´s music and some remarks about your history with him.

We will choose the street team leaders for different countries based on the applications we receive. The project itself will start right after we have found the most suitable candidates. According to the usual street team spirit, team leaders will not get a salary, this operation is voluntary fan based action for your favourite band.





5 Responses to Looking for Street Team leaders for Michael Monroe

  1. Barbara

    Hi! i’m Barbara from Argentina
    And i want to be a street team leader for Michael Monroe here in Argentina!
    i have sent and e mail requesting, i hope you could read it and accept me!

  2. Roy Barnes

    i would like to be a street team leader in new jersey-we have one of the best radio stations around WRAT rocks

  3. oscar

    the mobile program works on samsung jet , ok 🙂

  4. Colette Ramsay

    Have followed Michael for 25 years and seen him in Glasgow tons of times, but the best was going to Helsinki to see the final gigs! Don’t think I could be a team leader as such as I crap on computers but I can speak to some people here and tell them about the new band.I called Rock radio station to let them know.But if I can help I will try. Rockin Alwayzz Colettex

  5. Jessica Sanchez

    Would love to start a street team here in Colorado if we don’t already have one, I saw this a while back & didn’t volunteer because I’ve had my hands full but I’m now able to make a commitment to this & promote this bad ass new band!! Let me know what I need to do!!! Thanks! Rock Like Fuck!!!! 🙂

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